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does having a pillion increase the chances of being pulled over for random checks?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by daedalus, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. been riding for 6 months now, so far the only time police has stopped me was for a RBT.

  2. I would suggest that it might, because your legal right to have a pillion is affected by your license class.
  3. Depends if you are doing wheelies at the time or not. :roll:
  4. If your passenger is standing on your shoulders or sitting on the tank, chances are pretty high you'll get pulled.

    The hardleys with the maggots on the back never seem to get pulled over though. (perhaps a case of the copper worried about his eyes burning?).
  5. is your pillion only wearing a helmet and a gstring?
  6. does having a pillion increase the chance of getting pulled?
  7. I think it would decrease the chances.

    Motorcyclists take responsibility for their own risks, but it is a whole other world of liability to have a passenger if you're drunk, unlicensed, or riding outside your allowed bike class - that most riders are smart enough to avoid.
    I reckon the police know that.
  8. i would imagine this would make it go the other way i.e police would more likely pull over someone with a pillion for checks...similar to being more likely to be pulled over in a sports car.

    reason i ask is ive only been riding 6 months and want to pillion ! :p

    Pillion and me will be wearing full gear
  9. just wait dude. be responsible and get more experience. you / she will never forgive you if you crash.

    there are other ways to impress women.
  10. I pillion all the time out of necessity, never been pulled over. Even rode through an RBT with one. Having to wait another 9 months until I can legally do it is ridiculous. Blanket rules are lame.

    It's made me a much better rider.

  11. Depends on how long you stand at the lights!
  12. lol funny how everyone assumed i am male and the pillion would be female :p
  13. "On the internet, the men are men, the women are ugly men, and little girls are FBI agents."