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Does "Gearsack" exist

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Noel, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. I've been searching for hours on the net for "Gearsack" web site. Lots of sites come up in the search but only of people talking about Gearsack and Ventura racks. http://www.amcr.com.au/accessories.htm the first picture

    It's driving crazy...I mean it's riding me crazy.

    I ride a dr650 dual sport and am trying to set it up for outback riding. I have a ventura rack and will elastic strap a sleeping bag and tent to the rack and my ventura bag and I'm trying to get some pannier bags. The problem is that my exhaust will burn through the right side pannier/saddle bag so I have to fabricate some kind of heat shield. Why don't "THEY" design a frame for pannier bags and tail/ventura bags ...and basically have both pannier and tail bags secured to the same rack with a heat shield-pannier rack THINGY.
    Anyone heard of "GEARSACK"(brand name) bags. My local accessories store only have R-Jays. I just have to find these bags now for the fact that they are trying to hide from me...Noel[/code][/url]

  2. Yes I was looking at some in Bendigo on Friday.

    As for a website I have no idea but you could try other accessory stores and dealers. Quite a few stock them. :D
  3. yup....motorcyle accessory stores are few and far between round these parts stranger.

    You'd think that such a widely known brand would have a web site or at least a manufacturer's or wholesaler's address. It's disgraceful.
  4. Yah this has come up a few times before.
    Gear Sack do not actually have a web presence.
  5. I've seen their adverts in magazines and have noticed they also have a range of tank bags.
  6. this is the only site where i have seen gearsack stuff. i know that Scootacity on elizabeth st [9602 3119] in melbourne can get the bags in if you want them.

    gearsack page
    index page
  7. Thanks for listening. I ordered some saddle bags from the motorcycle store. If Gearsack want to do any buisness and if they have have a brain in their heads...they will advertise on a website.
  8. Maybe that's why Ventura is doing so well! Interesting that a company like Gearsack don't have a website, marketing is not one of thier strong points. :eek: