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Does everyone have a crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cobes71, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Yes,minor accident/crash

  2. No, Have been riding for years

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  3. No,Haven't been riding long

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  1. Hi All,

    Have been wondering if everyone eventually has a crash/Accident on a bike.

    As I am yet to crash a car in almost 18 years.

    Basically trying to work out if it is a matter of time.

    Or if you are mature, use the right gear, respect the road, traffic and bike. You can manage a clear riding career.


  2. Bugger

    Hi All,

    Poll didn't put up Yes, I crashed alright.

    Anyway to edit.

  3. It would be more interesting if you separated minor incident and major crash/drop at speed.

    I dropped mine on the third ride pulling out with a foggy visor, went over a sharp bitumen-coloured speedhump, panicked and grabbed the front brake while the bars were turned.

    Everyone who votes no has to touch wood! :p
  4. Cobes, read the "beat the odds" link in my sig.
  5. +1000 on 'Beat The Odds'
  6. Yes a few minors, more when I first started riding, and once hit by a car. :roll:
  7. Imo its the bike v car crashes that you have to worry about (especially in my case where my right hand is allergic to the throttle :LOL: ). So learning bike roadcraft is the most important for being able to predict traffic the best you can and take appropriate counter measures - this minimizes chances of crashes but of course there is still a huge % of situations you have no/almost no power over.

    FYI I've had 2 minor slides, both less than 30kmh and both due to oil on wet intersections. Lesson learnt - CRAWL through intersections when/after its been raining (esp if it hasn't rained in a while)
  8. Everyone except Movin crashes on the road. And Movin is a specially designed cyborg.
  9. Yup, I crashed (or was forced to crash :evil: ). Minor, though.
    On the other hand I know two or three guys who in 20 years have never crashed.
  10. I'm not so sure, I swear I've crashed into Movin before :LOL:
  11. There are two types of riders. Those that have..... and those that are going to. :roll: I'm the former
  12. I went off the road into a muddy ditch... :mad:
  13. So far so good, but when you ride as slow as I do......
  14. I lost count of my offs years ago :p Three were write offs though :grin:
  16. Of course everyone crashes, it's in the fcuking manual, second page from last, right next to which glove first.

    No wonder people think people here are a bit retarded. Long day, sorrys all round if you take offence
  17. I only have had a minor one, years ago. No damage to me or the bike. But I've had a few very close calls.

    Statistically CBR1100XX riders crash once every 10 years, so I plan to take a break after 9 years, i should be OK
  18. i had my cbr250rr for three yrs, had one fall, dropped it by myself on a slow right hander,,,, then i bought a BMW K100RS and 3 times in three yrs i was knocked off that bloody thing all none of my fault, cut off by cage drivers cutting lanes or doing u turns in the middle of nowhere, but right in front of me, unfortunately my wife was on board that night we wrote the K100 off. so as you can imagine it took some time b4 i was allowed to get the bird... and i even over cooked a corner on it.... quickest drop ever... was mid way in a group coming down mt cambewarra and being stoopid was riding beyond my limits... so from that i knew my limits and also got a new paint job, later model stickers and polished forks out of it... so that is my life on bikes...
    some times you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time or you can make a silly decision... we can all learn from our mistakes, but hell life would be easier if every now and then you learnt from someone elses... hope this helps.
  19. I was hit by a 4x4 on my very first ride home from the show room, got all the way from melbourne down to hastings on the last corner got smacked :evil:
  20. Re: Bugger

    That definitely should be there.