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Does Dainese leather stretch much?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rabbit, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Before dropping $1500 on leather pants and jacket, I'd like to know if it stretches much.....

    Shop assistant reckons not.

    Pants are a bit tight, but the jacket feels perfect.

    My Shift leather jacket did, but is stiff hard leather compared with the soft Dainese.

    (the TAC ads during the motoGP also help me justify the spend!)

  2. not in my experience.
  3. Nope not really... bought a suit that's a bit too small for me betting it would stretch and it has but only a little... too uncomfortable to stand up with it on, but hunched over on the bike is perfect, probably a good for safety fit, but a little too uncomfortable to do anything else than track days for me... that said I've worn it only about 3-4 days so it's probably got a little bit of give left in it.
  4. I'd be interested to know too.

    One sales guy at Syddney MCAS told me that it stretches heaps (once you start sweating, etc) and that you should buy the jacket so that it is almost uncomfortable.

    I then went to another shop and was told it doesn't move at all...

    Don't know who to believe....
  5. Got a 2 year old 2 piece Dainese & the jacket seems as tight as when I got it but the pants stretched around the butt pretty quick - either that or my arse got smaller.
    Nup, missus says my arse is still perfect.:---)
  6. It will stretch a bit but with use but not too much, Your leathers should be a SNUG fit, too tight and they restrict your movement too loose and they move around in and accident and are more liable to wearing through. If you ride year round I would suggest you allow for thermals under your leathers too!

    Are you buying pants and jacket separately?, I reckon this is the best way to go as you have a much better chance of getting correctly fitting jacket and pants rather than a 2 piece suit where the jacket may be perfect but the pants don't fit or vice versa
  7. thanks for the replies....

    Jacket will zip to pants, but are separate items so no "one size fits all" kind of problem.

    Hopefully they don't stretch too much....saggy leather butt isn't a good look.