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Does bike brand influence enjoyment/experience?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Azzab, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Since the Daytona was taken I've decided to go with a Streetfighter style bike for the road. Criteria is circa $10k (second hand), torquey motor, sportbike handling/chasis and bad ass looks

    I rode a KTM 990 Superduke today. It fits the bill, right price, big liquid cooled motor with heaps of grunt and stiff chasis which turns before you think. It was really nice to ride, easy to turn, good fuelling and an incredible sound. But I just didnt love it. I thikn the problem was I felt like I was riding a big dirt bike, which of course I know I was. But I wasn't ready for Tilly to go and still want to ride a sportsbike, just without my ass above my head

    I rode a clients Diavel last Sat and couldn't stop smiling. Now technically they are similar bikes, big black bad ass looking things with stomping twin motors. I did however have to wrestle the Diavel into turns which I loved and honestly could not get the smile off my face when I got off If you havent ridden one yet do yourself a favour and have a go

    So similar bikes (in theory), ****in loved the Ducati but only liked the KTM. I wonder if I would feel the same way if it was the Streetfighter 848 I'd ridden?


  2. Try a 4 Valve Monster.
  3. Thanks Blabbus. Have looked at them but a good one is a little out of the price range.

    The Street and Speed are the most sensible choices but I thought I'd try something different.

    I've pretty much reviewed and/or ridden all the top nakeds (within my price range) over the past few weeks. So more interested in hearing if other riders have had similar experiences.

    i.e. Does the KTM really feel like a dirt bike or is my brain tricking me because I know KTM is a dirt bike brand
  4. SD is nothing like a dirt bike IMO. I'm not dismissing your opinion but I can't for the life of me fathom it.

    Either way, it sounds to me like you're not ready to give up the sportsbike riding position? Maybe build yourself a cafe racer?
  5. Its been years since Ive been on a dirt bike. I guess I just felt like in my head space I was riding one, which is why I posed this question. As I said on another forum maybe I just need to lay off the acid hahaha (jokes).

    Agreed in part. But I've had a Z750 hire bike (since the Daytona was stolen) which aside from bein characterless ;) has been heaps of fun, well the riding positon anyway. Really enjoyed some longer stints and easy riding :)
  6. If the choice is between a Speed Trip or a KTM, go the Austrian!
    The Triumph is a good bike, but is boring and bland compared to the Kato.
    I have had a 955 speed triple, ridden 2x 1050s and a 1050 Sprint. None compare to the KTM. Although I would like to have a Street triple to park next to it.

    They are far removed from being a dirt bike, but if you really want you can treat it like a very big motard at times and it will not complain too much.
  7. Shiver - ride one - get one...........smile

    My advice
  8. superduke r
  9. Think he is off to queensland ...
  10. Stretch the extra 15k and get a Diavel
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  11. A bloke should never have to say this.... but Blab is probably right.

    If you're sticking to your $10K budget you can forget the Diavel. The nearest you're going to get is a 4 valve Monster, so ride one and see if it does it for you. You'll never know the answer unless you do it.
  12. Azzab

    I think I understand where you are coming from. i think bikes are quite a personal thing, and at times emotion and feel can override technical ability.

    Although my riding style and needs are quite different to yours, I have had similar issues. I do sports touring and can cover quite a few kms in a day. When my beloved red 02 Sprint was eaten by a car, I had difficulty choosing a replacement. I rode a number of bikes. In terms of sheer competence the Kawasaki 1400GTR was a superb bike, the pick of the group, and fitted what I wanted to do brilliantly. But when I rode it, it left me emotionally untouched. I didn't get a sense of wanting to get back on that bike straight away. I wanted to ride, but it wouldn't have worried me which bike I rode next. And I am normally very analystical and rational in my purchases.

    So I bought a Sprint GT, and I really love it and feel a desire to ride it, even though I recognise it is not as competent as the GTR. But I am still not quite as emotionally touched as by the old one.

    So if you are sensing that the KTM is not what you really want, look for something that will make you feel you just want jump on it and ride - then do it all over again when you finish. After all, bikes are about emotion and fun, not just transport.
  13. reading that first post - get your arse on a GSX1400 and give it a go.
  14. To answer the question you posed, no bike brand doesn't influence enjoyment.

    The configuration of the bike, how and where the power/torque is delivered combined with what YOU want from a bike influences the enjoyment/experience.
  15. just a caution... everything I've heard about KTMs is great until something goes wrong.

    A few mates have said that KTM stands for Keep Taking Money as they can be expensive thingies to get bits for and fix. The SD is a horn looking machine though. A mate used to have the SMT which is also a tasty looking thing.

    I'd also +1 whoever mentioned the Shiver; someone else I know recently got one and they're pretty good looking.

    I'm still stuck with LAMS for 9 more days.
  16. Not really brand, more the bike. Pick the one that gives you the biggest grin. Coming from a Street Triple R, a near perfect naked bike imo, the Diavel doesn't handle as well, is overpriced but to me makes riding more fun and challenging. The engine is bonkers, everything about it is extreme, massive tyre etc. If you choose the Diavel, get the ohlins rear shock too but test ride the SF 848 and latest Tuono too.