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Does anyone wear knee pads over the top of their jeans?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GoTeam, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Knee pads won't fit beneath the jeans so over the top is the go. Does anyone have knee pads they have over the top? If so, which ones and do they stay in place? Have you had an off in them and have they done the job without twisting/rotating around?

    Before anyone comes out with the "do a search" line, I have and nearly all hits were for the fitted ones that go underneath with Draggin jeans. This option is not available unless I buy Draggins.

  2. Buy draggins. Jeans are next to useless in a crash and I would suspect that knee pads over jeans would just come loose?
  3. They must be some tight jeans!

    I wear motorcross knee protectors under my draggins now and then - I got the junior ones so they are not so bulky and the shin guard stops where my boot starts
  4. You've just answered your own question mate ..
    However I am sure their knee armour would fit under standard jeans with a little modification


  5. They are nice and tight on the missus..... and I appreciate that so very much! :LOL: I'm really asking about options for her since she won't get/wear anything other than what she has now.

    I'm pretty sure I could put knee pads underneath mine.

  6. She could always chuck a pair of motorcross ones over the top.

    But it would look pretty mongtastic - and from what you've said it seems she cares about how it looks.

    Have you guys done a serious shopping trip for bike jeans? Draggins have a skins range - very...umm figure hugging, Hornee jeans have a great cut in their girls jeans too.
  7. Hornee is what she's got. Draggin didn't have any figure hugging ones when we went. The store didn't stock them if they did. Thanks for the replies so far. :) Maybe the strap on knee pads over the top (and hope that if there is a fall it isn't a tumbling/rolling one which would allow them to rotate) is the best that can be done with the Hornees.
  8. Kneepads over jeans... That'll make you a lot of friends in certain parishes.
  9. We don't care what it looks like when we're riding because they can easily be taken off when we stop. Enlighten me Loz, I'm lost with what/who you're referring to.
  10. I'm suprised she can't get a pair of junior motorcross one on under a pair of Hornee's. My Draggin's were pretty tight when I got them and it did take a bit of work to get the jeans up and over them - but once I got the jeans positioned over my knees correctly they were fine.
  11. Oh Loz, you are a sick puppy, but I like your thinking!
  12. Good.

  13. Really, really, - really NOT a good look. Really.

    Just to clarify; superman looks pretty good, knee pads over jeans do not.
  14. What was so bad about red that they had to pretty much eradicate it from superman's outfit and use maroon instead. The only reason to do that was make it easier for him to be a peeping tom and stalk Lois Lane and her fiancée in Superman Returns.

    Oh yeah - kneepads, idunno.
  15. Got a pair of these for my missus. They fit nicely under her jeans and are held in place by 3 velcro straps. :grin:
  16. Custom Draggin's!
  17. its up there with socks under sandals