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Does anyone watch Two Wheel Torque?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tluong, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Two Wheel Torque
    Time: Friday, April 20, 1:00 AM
    Channel: Channel 31
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Rating: G
    Type: Lifestyle

    Personally i have not watcjed much on channel 31. Has anyone seen any episodes from this series? Any thoughts?
  2. wow i think i might have to stay sober long enough to watch that
  3. used to.

    The camera work however is just shocking. <-- ex videographer.

    Far too hard on the eyes for my liking.

    Might give it another try and see if it has improved
  4. Nothing wrong with their cameramen Vic. Had everything to do with me being in front of the camera doing the plug for Netrider :LOL:
    Ohhh soooo many moons ago now :oops: :grin:
  5. yeah, seen a few. pretty interesting show. especially when they interview elder/ex riders who used to race. shame its on a low budget...
  6. The presenter is COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I cant pick that up anymore :mad: lol i like watching it! :grin:

    i guess im gonna have to find a way to get reception!! :LOL:
  8. what, what!

    i must take a looksee.

    i like 'the c word'.

    linky for those that like some of the shows on ch31.
  9. You could always volunteer to get behind the camera Vic.
    They're mostly volunteers who present it. :LOL:

    I was in there once and they needed a bike as a backdrop so I offered mine. What I liked was riding it there through the basement corridors of RMIT :LOL:
  10. Not a bad show because in gets to the grass roots of two wheels.
    Just wish they would transmit in digital.
  11. yeah used to watch it. it'd be great if sbs or abc had a regular bike show of some sort. when i moved house i stopped getting channel 31. Come on people, watch it ... we have to support these guys!!
  12. Have mentioned it to Beckly on a number of occasions.

    "Will let you know" is the answer I kept getting. *shrug*
  13. He probably thought you meant in front of the camera and was worried about scaring off the audience. :p :p

    Actually I think he forgets from one day to the next - I get the impression you have to tell him 20 times. :LOL:
  14. If your TV is "new" i.e. digital, you wont pick up channel 31 because they're still on analog.

    I try and watch the show but miss it here and there. On a show a couple of weeks ago they were saying that they needed HEAPS of support from the biking community to write to the government or sign a petition to support channel 31's rights to a digital network.

    They put an application in to go digital in 2002 and have been waiting ever since :( Pretty poor effort of the govt. i say.. typical :evil:

    The camerwork is very low budget and it sometimes can be little lame, but there's nothing else around :shock:
  15. The disadvantage of having digital tv.. :cry:
  16. All Beckley needs to do is get in touch with me and I'll gladly assist in the petition.

    He needs to learn to keep business cards and call on help and support when offered and learn how to reply to emails. :)
  17. I work with John in producing the show. I try and give the business savy advise as I shift chairs and bikes.
    I have just spoken with him and he has asked if you would send me a phone number to me via a PM.
    He did ask, since he has been operating on a shoe string, if anybody wants to contribute cash, services, goods etc that can all help cover the expences incurred in producing the show.
    Feel free to make any suggestions on how to raise funds as well, I will pass them on and try and encat the good ones.
    John Daley 9888 4387
  18. <-------------over there, contact us. Couldn't be easier Young John ;)
  19. great show
  20. I think the host was a shit boxer?