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Does anyone want a dose of the flu??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. What's with this persistent lurgi, anyway? I was sick a few weeks ago, usually these things last a day or so and then I'm fine, but this one's come back for two more goes, yesterday and today I've been home from work with a head like a bucket and coughing like a broken-winded draught-horse. I'm OVER it, but clearly it's not over me yet, grrrrr....

  2. Thankfully I have missed a bout this season. Hope you get over it soon Hornet.
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  3. Are you inviting people to come over and make out with you?
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  4. If they'd take it away with them, I'd almost be tempted, smilee!!
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  5. EVERYBODY FORM AN ORDERLY QUEUE! No pushing or shoving you will get your turn.
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  6. Same, same, prick of a thing.
  7. Flu? Or persistent cold? There has been a persistent bug that is a cold around the eastern states this winter. My father has had it for about 6 weeks on and off.

    I got flu shots this year. No flu for me!
  8. Yeah it's more a persistent cold that just keeps coming back for another go. I had a few days in the tropics and thought I'd shaken it. Two days back home and the thing took up residence again.
  9. Thanks anyway, got a good dose of it here already. First true dose of flu for years, wouldn't wish it on anyone :(

    Hope you feel better soon!
  10. After a bout of some crappy flu/lurgi/cold thing a few years back decided to get a flu shot every year....so far it has worked. They say it doesn't stop a cold but "touch wood"havent had one of those either for a while. Hope you get better soon Hornet!!!
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    I thought I had escaped the dreaded lurgy this year too, but then on Sunday I started to feel like death warmed up (but not warmed up very much).


    On the plus side, I've managed to cross quite a few movies off my to watch list
  12. Throat, headache and ears. Think I just got it :/
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  13. Same here. Literally just woke up with it.
  14. I didn't realise you were into that sort of thing.

    You might just have crossed the line to TMI, even though you've been subtle with it...
  15. I'm sure that make
    I'm sure that makes some sort of sense to you, but I fail to see the connection and I doubt anyone else does either...
  17. Offering the the gift of your virus.