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Does anyone take their plates off at the track?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by papermate, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. I was reading through the Politics Forum and notice a lad had written his bike off on a private track.

    There is a theme running that taking your plates off before you hit the track is advisable due to insurance reasons should you crash. Im not promoting this idea, but does anyone actually do this??
  2. yes i remove my plate
  3. I would think that removing a thin, rigid piece of metal that hangs off an extremity of the bike would be a prudent course of action, insurance fraud or not.
  4. No I don't. But I don't have comprehensive insurance.
  5. I do. It's very important for aerodynamics.
  6. I never have removed it.. mostly because its a pain in the ass with the way my rear fender is setup.. But I can see why its a good idea ;)
  7. I have been told, by someone who might know, that some track day operators forward a list of participants to insurers, and general details of any incidents that occur.
  8. Yes.

    My fender eliminator/tail tidy has plate and indicators all attached. Two bolts and the whole ass'bly comes off.
  9. Wow! Which ones?
  10. I just taped over mine.
  11. there you go..... thanks for replies.

  12. Allow me to be the first to call total, complete and unmitigated BARLSHITE to that rumour.