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Does Anyone Stick To The Speed Limit?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mstamos, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Took my baby out for a spin tonight - as I normally do when its dry so I can get as much practice as I can and I simply am in love with riding - anyway - went from Carnegie upto Warrigal Rd then north to Cantebury Rd in Surrey Hills. Along Canterbury Rd to Dorset Rd in Bayswater, right along Dorset Rd, left into Burwood Highway, left into Ferntree Gully Rd, bypassed the freeway in Mulgrave as it was extremely windy and I really did not feel confident to hit 100, , right into Princess Hwy and back to Carngie.

    And in all that trip, I was the only one sticking (at least trying to stick) to the speed limit. Being on 10 points and not able to afford to lose my licence, it is so tempting and so easy to just let it rip with the bike - yet I find everyone just goes on past - it is sooo frustrating. (And 60 at night is simply ignored by absolutely everyone it seems).

    Anyway - I have been practicing going around roundabouts (not on this outing) but I really need to practice U-turns as I found on this trip - lucky there was no traffic when I tried it - hence why I practice at night.
  2. Borrow/buy a GPS (or bike speedo) and check your speedo. Chances are you are at least ten pecent under
  3. No one really does the speed limit. Me, i never do the speed limit.
  4. Yeah but some people are not as naturally talented as you :grin:

    I try and stick to the speed limit at all times. I'm grateful I live in the country when there always is quiet roads but in the suburbs and city you would have to be mad to speed on a motorcycle.
  5. no, rarely ever, and when they do, they get tailgated
  6. I copped a lecture from a copper after beeping at him for doing a good 20+km/h over the limit past me. Apparently I'm not to tell him how to do his job.

    I generaly stick very closely to the speed limit, but maintain the same speed around corners and do my best to get to the speed limit as quickly as I damnwell can.
  7. The problem that I have observed so far in my limited time on a bike is that when a fellow rider who is not displaying Ls or Ps does the speed limit, cars seem to take this in their stride, when I (as an L plater) do the speed limit then I tend to get tail gated. The reasoning? (Considering a learner is more likely to do something wrong and being followed so closely by some tool can get one hurt)
  8. Speed limits are just revenue raisers, nobody but your family gives a crap, especially the people making the laws in particular.

    I dont speed though
  9. If you find traffic constantly travelling at what you perceive to be over the limit your speedo's out.

    This is common, and by a large margin on some bikes. Pace yourself with the rest of traffic, anything else if just annoying.
  10. As a regular vistor to Bracksville, I find an interesting dichotomy between an apparent (here) obsession with the enforcement of speed limits, and an observed complete for contempt for same in the real world. Every time I ride in Victoria, as an out-of-state rider, I stick to the speed limits at all times and find myself, as an older and experienced rider, being passed by everyone from little old ladies in Civics to empty-headed bimbos in Pulsars. So I think your observation is correct; as far as I can see, everybody speeds. Which means three things.

    1. You need to preserve your license and control the urge to join them.

    2. Lots of them have probably already been booked several times and many of them are therefore driving unlicensed and/or disqualified. Stay away from them; if they hit you, they are uninsured and you'll pay for it.

    3. It's possible that your speedo IS out (but I know mine isn't, and my first observation stands.)
  11. Our pastor told us that speeding is evidence of a spiritual ailment (failing to submit to proper authorities). Guess I'm going to hell...
  12. He obviously preaches but doesn't ride, :roll: :LOL:.
  13. people tend to stick to the limits down here. Mind you, they're probably not too worried about ending up 3km/h over and getting booked like you do in vic (cameras won't catch you till your 11km/h over in tas :grin: ).

    Me, it depends what roads I'm on, but most of the time I'll stick on the limit anyways (or a little bit above, which would be the limit given the speedo variance)
  14. in or near road construction i'm a good boy and adhere to the posted signs/conditions.

    a tad over the limit elsewhere and in the twisties it varies.
  15. OK
    i will let you know that you ARE going 5 klm an hour
    than ALL other Traffic

    yes MY hyo gv 250 speedo was 5 klm slower as well

    it is a preset from the manufacturer

    yes you can have it re calibrated

    no i dont know where to get it done

    and NO i have never seen ANY rider do the speed limit on a bike
    ohhhhh Unless they see a cop car or radar

    oh there are One exeption to that they are Ulysses riders when on a group ride
  16. The problem with the argument 'if everyone passes you it means your speedo is out' is the assumption that everyone else has their speedos calibrated to perfection, and you're the only one on the whole street whose speedo is reading more than your true speed.

    This is nonsense. Almost all speedos are 'optimistic' in their readings, and very few people go out of their way to have them especially calibrated.

    If you're sticking to the speed limit and everyone goes faster, that's because speed limits are ridiculous and everyone ignores them as much as they think they can get away with.
  17. I honestly don't speed much at all these days. After a year of having to drive from Mackay to Townsville and back once a week, I kinda grew out of it.

    It's just too physically and mentally exhausting to keep up a speed >100kph on the Bruce Highway for five hours, and certainly not worth the effort. You only save about 15 minutes by doing 110kph for that sort of run. That's bugger-all.

    Roadwork zones I will always do the posted limit and not a hair faster.

    Oddly, I've found that around Victoria when I do the exact posted speed limit, I'm still travelling a bit faster than everyone else - and yes, my speedo (like everyone else's) is optimistic. Very few people in Melbourne seem to run above the speed limit, unlike NSW and QLD's more casual speeding.

    (Offtopic, I will say that I'm baffled by the Geelong M1's 100kph speed limit. Smooth, flat, great visibility, no turns, and it's only 100kph... And yet there's a section of 110kph on the Bruce Highway, which is a road that takes a lot of concentration to make better pace than 100kph. What?)
  18. Yeah I've noticed that, Western Highway in particular (which is notorious for speed traps) most people seem to sit on 100 even though the limit is 110. Generally though I don't worry too much about "the limit" and just drive/ride at a speed that's appropriate. Sometimes that's over that limit, sometimes it's well below that limit.
  19. I won't say I never speed, however School zones, road works, and built up areas i'll stick to the limit. you never know what may come at you.

    When you're on your L's cagies think that's a target, specially the younger male P plater that think they can drive.
  20. +1. I hate throwing money away on speeding fines, so unless I just "have" to give it a blast, I'll try to be a good citizen. However, I'll always put my safety 1st - if I need to give it a squirt to get out of potential trouble, I will.

    Yep - they love the power trip of being more experienced, and really feeling it by making you even more nervous. They do it to car and bike learners. D1ckh3ads :evil: