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Does anyone ride "The Pace"?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Link: http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/flashback/122_0911_the_pace_nick_ienatsch/index.html

    I've never really been a fan, it's always struck me as pretty boring, but lately, I'm running very low on license points & this seems to make sense!

    I've done the GOR & the Spurs at "The Pace" (ie the speed limit \\:D/), it's a lot different to regular "point & shoot" type of stuff, ie accelerate hard, brake hard, accelerate hard, etc.

    For me, it seems a lot more relaxing despite the fact that the corner entry speeds are the same/maybe higher in some occasions, but not being hard on the brakes into a corner doesn't amp up the SR's like normal, it's just a matter of holding a line, then turning.

    It's also a lot less fatiguing & I ride a bit more consistently this way.

    Anybody else?
  2. Never knew it was called that before, but I often ride the RNP that way - I try to hold my speed at the limit through the turns, by getting the timing "just right". Doesn't get my heart thumping, but makes me smile when I nail it.
  3. I try to. Or maybe I just don't ride hard enough. I rarely do the accelerate, brake hard, accelerate thing.

    Being hard on the brakes isn't fun. I tend to set up my entry speed by backing off or increasing throttle between corners. Most of the time, I'm just gently rolling on or off and using light braking (if any).
  4. so... how is it on the extra 750cc's these days ? :D
  5. I read that a few years ago and didn't see it so much as a way to keep to the speed limit but more of a way to be smooth and get corner speeds right.

    So rather than nailing the throttle on straights, I try to maintain a constant speed and getting the corner speed right before I get to the corner.
  6. 60 Sixty Degrees uses this method when they run courses. I haven't done one of their riding courses but they told us this at maintenance course.
  7. I sit on the speed limit on the straight bits but go through corners at about double what the advisory sign says. When you aren't concentrating on hitting the brakes hard and the forces that go with that, you can pick the perfect line around the corner and I find I get my knee down easier, ride safer and smoother and have more fun riding like this.
  8. Heh - After my performance on the PMR the other night, this sounds like just the ticket for me!

    ....once I learn how to trust the bike and corner properly...! :p
  9. same I try to be constant on the throttle, ive never been one to go at warp speed on the straight...............thats were the gubbermunt gets ya lol

    Your right, isnt this in the A Twist of the Wrist DVD?
  10. Reading this forum 90% of the members would never even reach "the pace" given the amount of 20kph drops listed in general discussion lol
  11. I see some people doing it, then I pass them under brakes.
  12. If they were doing it properly, they wouldn't be braking.
  13. I used to do this in the days when I had access to roads that were interesting enough for it to be entertaining. I think it's a legacy from my early riding days when all my bikes had (a) no brakes and (b) no power, necessitating a riding style requiring a minimum of large speed changes.
  14. Yes, I have been doing something of the sort since being introduced to it on NR a while ago. I think it's made me better. I enjoy it anyway.
  15. Well, a 'gentle roll-on' accelerates just a tad faster :)
  16. "The Pace" is about smoothness, probably the most important skill to master and as you get better, you naturally (and a lot safer) become quicker and more confident....

    Article is also about the difference of the track and road and clearly outlines about not riding at 100% (or their term I like 10/10ths) leaving some margin for error or worst, the unexpected....

    +1 for a sensible approach to riding but as we all know, riding is also about emotion, thrills and adrenelin, different for everyone so not applicable to every rider....

  17. I enjoy it :-s
  18. Dull, shmull... it appeals to my perfectionist nature and sounds like the ideal i'm working towards~
  19. Or accelerating hard.

    Maybe they're all Bazzas.
  20. Hmm thats a good read, never heard of 'the pace' before but I could have invented it.
    I have always and probably will always ride like that, I get immense enjoyment out of it and its a lot more fun (and less nauseating/stressful/exhausting) when you get a perfect flow on, I do it most noticeably up on a road like reefton or black spurs, gor too.

    When I try and just 'go for it' I always make mistakes, take corners on the wrong lines and over accelerate and dangerously break, and by the end of it I just feel like crap (scared even), not fun at all.

    Funny because when I'm in the cbd commuting I'm hard on the throttle and breaks all the time, probably because of the stress and retarded drivers everywhere, out on the twisties its smooth/flowing/constant, using whole lane with very few gear changes and never heavy breaking, it feels like your snowboarding on the road.
    For me its the way to ride, love it :), leave the rest on the racetrack.

    Its also how I ride with all my group rides, it reduces peer pressure, lets everyone have fun and stay as a pack (and look out for each other) which is what it should be being a 'group ride'.
    I'm riding at 'the pace' on our GOR run this thursday, if anyones interested check the vic ride section.