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Does anyone own a Civic hybrid?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mendosi, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. My wife and I are car shopping and we are tossing up between a standard Civic and a hybrid for a few grand more (both 4 years old).

    Does anyone own one that can say whether the fuel economy is worth it, or does it just appeal to the inner nerd to have a hybrid car?

  2. I've found it very hard to find impartial information either good or bad about any hybrid. I don't know anyone who actually owns a hybrid either so I can't even get any first hand anecdotal evidence. However, my advice to you (and it's worth what you paid for it) is:
    • investigate all the stories of battery life you can find. if the scaremongering about battery life is to be believed you could be looking at a considerable bill to replace the batteries in a year or so
    • also think long and hard about what your driving style is, and what sort of journeys you make. If hybrids are more efficient (and my jury is still out on that) then they so only under very specific drive cycles
    • If you are buying the car to be 'green' then understand what the true life cycle cost is, including the energy required to manufacture and recycle the car, and the rare earths used in the batteries and motor. Then decide if you still think it's green
    • after all the above, if you still want the car, then work out how much extra petrol you could buy for that 'few grand more' and whether the fuel economy of the hybrid covers that.

      I'm not trying to tell you not to buy the hybrid - it may well be the car for you, but don't fall for the advertising hype without more research than just asking on a motorcycle forum. Whatever you decide - let your wife drive it and get out on the bike :)
  3. I've driven the Civic and the Prius, since work owns them both.
    Given they're work cars I really don't care about economy, but I can tell you they're both pigs to drive - heavy and slow, and the lag off the line just shits me to tears...
    Go the standard petrol option, and save your sanity.
  4. Find out what the fuel economy of the hybrid Civic is like at sustained freeway speeds. That's certainly the biggest downside of a Prius, since the fuel consumption really jumps up once the batteries run low and the engine has to work extra hard to keep up (of course the batteries last just long enough to get through the official "highway fuel economy" tests).

    Have you considered something with a small turbo-diesel engine instead?
  5. Haven't driven a civic but have rented a prius on a number of occasions.

    First time I was impressed with fuel economy but every time after that the economy wasn't brilliant. Could be a number of factors ofcourse but the later ones had higher mileage at the time of rental. It was enough to make me wonder about the longevity of the battery cells.

    I'm led to believe that 5 years is when the batteries could be up for replacement so as mentioned above you could be up for a substantial cost in a relatively short time.

    Obviously, no one seriously considers a hybrid if performance is close to the top of the list of priorities... which is lucky 'cos they sure don't shift quickly.
  6. Looked at hybrids late last year after the wife's 166 was on its last legs, actually thats what took me so long to get a bike as my bike cash got diverted.
    We ended up getting the Honda Insight and after about 10,000 kms we are sitting around the 5.5L/100km level and we do mostly city driving. Days like today taking a run to the Goldie to see family we are under 5L/100km.
  7. Don't do it! You can get petrol or diesels which go close enough to the same fuel economy with far less problems and risk of future issues.

    How many k's do you travel a week? If you're only doing a couple hundred, is it worth saving six odd dollars a week?
    Anyway, if you do, it'll make me feel even better burning 15lt per 100km in my gas guzzling supercharged V8!
  8. I looked at diesels until I discovered 3 friends that all have DPF issues with them. Very expensive to fix and dealers generally dont want to know about it.
  9. The vast majority of DPF issues are euro diesels, the japanese and korean diesels seem to suffer to much smaller degree.

    Having said that I don't see the point of buying a Honda Civic Hybrid when a Honda City will get similar economy is most circumstances and cost 2/3rds the price.
  10. Yeah, same goes for the Jazz - but the Insight has plenty of room in comparison.
  11. And all the diesels Im referring to are Jap - 2 x Mazda and Nissan to be precise.
    Mate that owns the Mazda 6 hacked together a DPF emulator thats working quite well though. But what a PITA.
  12. Thanks for all the helpful replies! It seems like the hybrid might represent good value for someone who drives lots of Km in the city, like a taxi, but drives like a grandma.

    So for me the main reason to get it would be because I find the technology really fascinating, but at the end of the day probably not a good idea.

    We're not keen to go smaller than a Civic because we're just about to expand our family, and we're keen on Honda because they have such a good rep for reliability (and its for my wife, not me).
  13. then don't buy one with a dpf. simple. it's NOT required for euro 4 emissions and any car that has one here now has it simply because the manufacturer is selling a euro 5 car. we're not euro 5 until 2016 for new cars
  14. And the standards on diesel fuel in this country will be improving before then to ensure there won't be any problems with DPFs.
  15. http://www.volkswagen.com.au/en/models/golf/variants.html
    Check out the BlueMotion.

    I've been in Prius taxis a few times, they have the fuel economy on a screen in the middle, and TBH it's not that good in "well worn" cars from what I've seen, 6/7L/100km is no longer solely the domain of hybrids.

  16. +1 for the bluemotion
  17. I've driven one and thought it was junk. The on screen fuel economy is a fun gadget to play with but I couldn't get over how unresponsive and awkward the car is.

    Driving in moderate traffic you need to plan basic maneuvers like overtaking a truck about 3months in advance. I didn't find the economy to be great either.
    When you're crawling along at walking pace it's great, feather the throttle and it goes up to 25L/100kms. When I drove conservatively, trying to get crazy low fuel usage I got around 8.5L/100km.

    My old car would achieve under 7L and still get to 100km/h in 7.1seconds.

    In saying that, I haven't driven the petrol civic, so I don't have a base to compare to.

    If you want something geeky for geeky's sake, have you considered a full electric?
  18. I would steer away from hybrids, the technology is pretty meh at the moment. You get more fuel economy out of some of the smaller cars mentioned above over the hybrid variety and not to mention the cost of repair if something was to go wrong electrically. I have been driven in a hybrid and the acceleration was rather lacking...even the taxi driver agreed. It is however not a sports car so you'd expect that.

    It all comes down to how you drive when it comes to economy. You can drive a sports car like grandma on a Sunday and probably get the same economy as a young teen planting his foot in an Echo at each turn.
  19. Go and take a Civic for a drive or Insight - I also drove a Prius and made up my mind after the first corner I wouldnt get one.
    Not all hybrids drive like a Prius.

    I also took one of the Leafs for a drive when it came to Brisbane, but its closer to 63k once you figure in ORC and the charging system you would need at home.