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Does anyone on this forum own a BMW R1200C

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by beardedgnome, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. In particular the Montauk or R1200CL. I was thinking of buying one and wanted to get thoughts on them. Mainly comments on performance and reliablility. I'm not looking for a speed demon, just performance on short / long rides.

    Before anyone makes comment on their looks, I've always been one for odd looking bikes so no need to comment. :)

  2. Greg,

    BMW has a reputation for reliability and quality. Although I don't own one, I'd say they would have plenty of get up and go, although many bikes might beat a BMW at the red light drags, you'll be waving at them as they refuel while doubled over in a sports bike stoop! You can be assured they comfy with a very good range.

    I would suggest getting in touch with the BMWMCC of NSW at http://www.bmwtcnsw.org/ they'll be able to put you onto past and present owners!

    If you like ugly BMW's, why not look at a K1....


  3. Compared to other cruisers the number 1 issue with the bm is its lack of low end torque, which is the essence of what a cruiser is about.
    All bm cruisers have been discontinued in oz.
  4. Don't worry....I have looked at the K1!!! :) I'd never hear the end of it tho if I brought one of those into the yard.

  5. The other good thing (relating to DuHast's post) is that they weren't popular in Australia, so they are pretty cheap (ex demos going for around $17k) which makes them an aweful lot of bike for not much money. There is still full service and parts support through the various BMW dealerships as well as a large domestic and international parts dealers. Not too many wreckers, though!

    As far as torque goes, I'd call that a personal thing!

    Every time I see a K1 I want to buy it. So ugly, but so....so....something....
  6. Forester its low end torque that cruiser buyers are after, probably hard for you to understand if you don’t ride a cruiser, that’s why that bm range failed in this country, its not about personal preference when it comes to cruisers & torque, it is absolutely essential.
    That’s the only reason people buy them, certainly not for their stopping ability, handling, acceleration, or top speed - because they don’t have any, all its about is- torque, chrome, & a nice paint job.
    The bm donk is engineered for touring, that’s why bm make arguably the best tourers in the world, but when it comes to cruisers - that bm engine design cannot cut it.
  7. And I always thought the R1200C failed coz it was as pretty as my dog's ar$e! (no offence to any dogs out there...)

    I can't profess to be an expert on cruisers, but I'm happy to chat about the good and bad of BMW!