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N/A | National does anyone not have insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by carpathian, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. YES

  2. NO

  3. Third PArty

  4. Full Comprehensive

  1. i was just wondering out of curosity
    how many bikers still dont have insurance
    and how long for?

    im starting to realize,
    after reading about stolen bikes,
    the importance of theft insurnace

    any interesting stories out their?? :grin:
    and price whys
    what do you pay for ....?

  2. fixed :)

  3. technically, 'their' should be 'there'. :p (you started it :p )

    P.S - i do have insurance and don't understand why people would not have it
  4. How about a poll to include third-party property, TPP with Fire & Theft, Full or none (third-party/injury only)?
  5. damn, missed that one
  6. Bike insurance?

    Not only yes... but HELL YES!

    There are too many low lifes out to steal bikes and too many idiot cagers ready to take you down not to have it.

    Besides... it costs me $420 a year on a bike which they've said has a market value of $19990 (although I only paid $15500 2nd hand).

    At that rate if it got stolen I'd have to wait about 40 years before the insurance premiums cost me more than losing the bike did.
  7. I wish i was 48 in terms of insurance.. :p

    I have comprehensive on my ninja 250r. $409, but purchased in my dads name. The possibly excesses are a bit of a joke but i don't plan on claiming in my first year of riding.
  8. no one plans on having to claim.

    mines sub $400 Full cover.
  9. I had 2 options of comprehensive insurance when purchasing.

    Option 1. $409 but with a $1900 excess.
    Option 2. $1250 but with a $800 excess.

    Perhaps Option 2 is suited towards people that plan to claim?

    I chose option 1 because i really don't believe i will have an at-fault claim in my first year of riding. Where as i can understand that some people may think they will have an at-fault claim (ie. crashing with themself at fault) and may lean more towards option 2.
  10. I pay $333 fully comp, with a $500 excess, and $4k of gear cover for my SM610.

    Only just have my L's as well, so its a pretty good price :)
  11. Who with?

    I've got 3rd party for 99bux with aami
  12. Same.
  13. Keep in mind that depending on your insurer you may have to pay excess even if you aren't actually at fault... WQBE will charge you the excess if the other party is uninsured, and you won't get that back until they recover the full amount from the other party (which in my case appears to take a bloody long time :(). Also if you have to make a claim where you can't get the other party's details - for instance if your bike is knocked over in a carpark and they do a runner - it will be classed as an at-fault claim.
  14. Yay, lets do this thread again :roll:

    You may find some threads on this here.
  15. Nope. Minimum third party only.

    Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and they do, at the expense of policy holders.

    After 33 years on the road, I have never insured a vehicle of any kind, I could replace my bikes & cars twice over for what I havn't paid in insurance.

    .........Actually what would be better, would be to buy shares in Insurance Companies instead of buying insurance.........The return would be greater.

  16. Yeah, this topic has been done a fair few times in the past, so a bit of a search will answer the questions. And if you were going to do a poll, one that recognises the different levels of insurance (e.g. comprehensive vs fire-and-theft) is a lot more useful.

    I personally would *never* ride with no insurance (apart from that conferred through registration/3rd party injury). Third party property is an absolute minimum, 'cos it's all too easy to get blamed for, and stuck with the bill for, hitting that Audi that locks up in front of you for no reason.
  17. 3rd party ;-)
  18. i DONT have insurance.
    not because i dont want it, but because i cant get it.
    all the insurance companies i called only one would insure me and it was 6500 for third party. i dont think so.
    the reason - they say i go to fast
  19. Bullshit.
  20. Just thought I would change the context to see if it made a difference. Nope.

    I mean wow, who would ever imagine a business would be wanting to make a profit. What bastards.