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Does anyone know what these are?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jez79, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Please excuse my bad drawing but I didn't have any photos. I see them all over VIC on the roads and freeways hanging from light poles etc and wondered if they are speed cameras? Does anyone know without speculating?

    Regards, J.

  2. Looks more like CCTV to me.

    Main Roads over here in WA uses an extensive CCTV system to monitor stuff like congestion. It's not used to obtain prosecutions for speeding (no speed detection facility) but I daresay if a crash occurs on camera, the footage could be used as part of any investigation.

    No guarantees as to the VicRoads situation though.
  3. cctv of cameras filming the roads of victoria(I think anyway!). I'm pretty sure they are filmed in b&w as well. The films you see in "craziest drivers!" and stuff kind of tv shows. Don't be too worried about them being speed cameras (as from the other post) ;) :grin:
  4. didnt u know black bowling balls grow on lamp posts? we get that a bit down here in vic. i think the red ones are harvested from tassie, and green are in NSW and blue spawn in SA, but i dunno bout the other states.

    dude u gotta be careful though, they just drop out randomly when theyre ripe, u dont wanna get sconed with one of these!!

    and dont ask how they get the holes in em for ur fingers :wink: :LOL:
  5. That's where drop bears live! :grin:
  6. +1 cctv camera's
    they dont detect speed
  7. Cheers all, now I'm worried about bowling balls and drop bears!
  8. could be a black spot camera, could be for council.

    that's not what a speed camera looks like and it's illegal to have a speed camera without a

    'speed camera used in this area'

    sign in nsw, dont know about the other states.

    cheers :cool:
  9. I don't know how anyone ever gets a fine in NSW. No such blatent warning in Vic. First thing you know about it is when you see the distictive love letter in the mail. The permanent speed cameras are sign-posted but not all that obviously. In fact they look very much like a red light warning sign but with a subtle difference to the wording (can't remember what exactly).
  10. They're PTZ camera housings (Pan-Tilt-Zoom). These mostly link back to the police traffic control centre in southbank??

    From there, they can monitor traffic flow, and work out if there's any traffic incidents and such. More so used for traffic flow monitoring, than recording incidents. They're normally not clear enough to make out plates, or really identify specific vehicles.

    Can't tell you any more than that.
  11. Thanks all, I thought they were a new form of speed camera! *breathes a sigh of relief*
  12. sh!t, we better not tell him about the hoop snakes... :grin:
  13. #13 RainMann, Sep 12, 2007
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  14. You serious? :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
    You from some outback Abo bush community or what? crackup.

    Anyways, welcome to modern society ya clown. 682.

  15. drop bears and hoop snakes... im skurred!!!!

    +1 for traffic monitoring camera's.
  16. Thanks MG, might go back to my cave to work on inventing fire...

    Nah, seriously all, thanks for putting my mind at ease.

    Stay safe. J.
  17. While on the subject of strange things near roadways, if anyone travels along the M5 motorway in Sydney, just south of the toll booths there are metal boxes positioned on either side of the roadway in both directions which look all the world like timing beams at a drag race start line. there are slots cut into the metal boxes for light beams and a small dome on top of the box which looks like an antenna or transmitter. Have a look next time you travel along there and try and work out what they are for.
  18. If you have seen them on citilink and the like, they will be cctv's. I work at a call centre for breakdowns, and when we ring thru to Citilink, they tell us they can see the person, and even what they are wearing :eek: They are not speed cameras, tho.
  19. I always used to wonder how they knew what the traffic was doing, then i actually noticed those cameras one day.. :LOL:

    If you go to citylink website, you can actually check the traffic for yourself.
  20. :grin: :wink: Jez79