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Does anyone know the rider with the plates - WENCH ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. If you do, can you ask her why she was riding down Sussex St (Sydney) near King Street Wharf tonight in Kylie style hotpants and knee-high FMBs ??? :shock:


    Like whats the go there !!!!!

    Leaving a work function tonight, I thought . . . wtf, its pissing down rain !!
    She had a full-face helmet on at least !
  2. i had full head to toe rain gear on but left my boots at work, by the time i got home i was totally dry from the ankles up, my shoes were soaked!

    can't imagine she stayed to dry

    but yeah

  3. I was in Sydney over the weekend and I swear I saw her. Mustn't have been at the same time, cause when I saw her she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but I remember commenting to my friend on her numberplate.
  4. u sure its not a laaaaady boy? :grin: :shock:
  5. when i ride past my local thai restaurant the lady boys wave
  6. Micky, do you want to dress her in the morning? Can't she wear whatever she likes?
  7. sounds kinda like an advertising gimmick to me.
  8. Mmmmm Gravel rash
  9. It's warm in Sydney. (I know; I was there last weekend)

    She was living partly by the notion: "Be Seen; Be Safe".

  10. That kind of attention is likely to do anything but keep you safe when stopped at traffic lights :LOL:
  11. I think i know the reason.
    We are on the eve of the Sydney G&L Mardi Gras season !
    I think someone was doing a parade trial ride.
  12. :LOL:

    It's a bit touch and go...
  13. why you wanna know

    you wanna fcuk her

    the op sounds like he wants to stalk her down :LOL:
  14. You're just pissed she was wearing the same outfit as you :p
  15. Obviously he wants his outfit back....
  16. Hey guys sorry to burst everyone's bubble but the girl you are talking about is me.

    I have a bike with that numberplate and often like to don a pair of hotpants and FM boots and ride around town.

    It's all for the male attention that daddy never gave me *SOB*

    :rofl: :-w :---)

    but seriously, where are the pics!!!!!
  17. Is this like stalking ???? :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. I saw that bike on my way home this arvo.

    Raining though so all i saw were a pair of what looked like cowboy boots sticking out from under some rain pants :(