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Does anyone know the age limit for a pillion

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wyldie25, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. My 5 year old son loves the bike as much as I do but I would love to know if I can legally take him for a ride or if I have to keep doing circles in the back yard. Does anyone know the legal age limit for a pillion passenger??

  2. 5+ years and feet must be able to reach the pegs ( flat)
  3. Thanks

    Thanks for the quick reply looks like I am still playing in the backyard!!!
  4. my sons 5 and hes feet are just touching but not strong enough to hold on though.
    use it as a guide only , he may need to be older for his own safety.

    i take him up the driveway between me and the tank at crawling pace , that sufices until his old enough to hold on .
  5. Is there actually an age limit on it now? When William started pillioning (at about 3 years old) the law only required that the child could reach the footpegs and understand the concept of "hold on".
  6. Death grip

    He is OK on the back he hangs on for dear life @ 10k but he won't let go in a hurry!!!
  7. i am in tasiie and the deal here is they have to have the feet on the pegs flat and have to be able to hold on safely i took my 8 year old on the other night any younger than that i dont think that i would take them on it
  8. My friend Valorie in the USA takes her little daughter on the back of her back daily. Madison can reach the pegs ok.
    But as an added procatioun she has a thick nylon strap that goes around Madison and then around herself, the strap buckles together at the front of Val's waist.
    It's a great idea I think, then you do not have to worry about the child letting go and slipping.

    A lot of riders in the USA place their small children in front of them, I also think that's a better idea for really little kids when you are riding slowly about on private property.
  9. hi, can anyone confirm this for Qld - my boy turns 5 in May and he would be so pumped not to have to get off at the end of the driveway!
  10. Wouldn't it be better to contact the RTA or whatever the governing body is for licensing up in Qld? (Q-roads?)
  11. maybe but easter monday i dont think anyone will be home
  12. Dale is correct. The law for pillions (children or otherwise) is that they can touch the footpegs, and have a AS (Aus std's) approved helmet that fits correctly. Morals and safety covers the "hang-on" concept being required.

    There is a new law currently being drafted/suggested that will require a child to be at least 8 years of age, but that has not yet been approved/ratified.
  13. yeah, i've trawled the websites for q-transport, and even q-ride - can't find jack there - if i get a quiet hour tomorrow i'll phone them and do the usual press 1, press 3, oh, you will need to speak to an operator...your call is important to us..... will make a coffee before commencing on this one.

    i hope it will confirm what mouth & dale have said.
  14. pillion age

    You could just ring the local law enforcement office and ask them as they are the ones that book ya:)
  15. I used to pillion my kids to kinder, so they were 4 and 5. They could reach the pegs and hang on. They have been riding since they were 2 so understood the concept of hang on!

    Big rides were out of the question though as they would tend to nod off! My youngest (he's 12 now) still tends to get drowsy on long trips so you need to be alert to how they are doing on the back.
  16. well, after a short decade on hold to q transport - confirmed what mouth and dale have said - need to be able to reach pegs, wear a properly fitted helmet, and be able to HANG ON!!!

    i made up the last bit...
  17. Grew up riding

    My old man used to the same thing with me and my 2 brothers. Somehow he used to get all three of us on and sneak the 4 streets it took to get from babysitter to home. Youngest was 4 at the time this is the main reason I asked as I drop the kids off at their grandmothers before work and she then drives them to day care (I start work before kindy and pre-school even start). I didn't really feel like starting the car to drop the kids off then going back home to get the bike to start the 1hr run across town to work. Much easier to drop them off using the bike.
  18. hi wyldie,
    can't find the exact page on the qld rules atm,
    but I am pretty sure they changed the law to include an age restriction,
    and from memory is 10 years old is the minimum for a pillion.
    Penality is same as for having a minor in the from seat of a car,
    $225 and 3 points,
    will have another look and post a link later,
    got to get dinner,
  19. Hey wyldie,
    Looks like I was wrong about the age limit, for now.
    The rule change from no restriction to the age limit of 10 years old was part of the road safe commitee discussion paper,
    but probabaly will be law before too long.
  20. The proposed change, as far as i know, was to make it minimum 8 years of age.