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Does anyone know much about the '83 Suzuki GSX 250?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mr White, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I have just purchased this old zooky and I want to get it on the road!! Im having trouble finding online information or communities (Its the opposite with my GPX 250/ninja)

    I especially want an owners/repair/service manual, but I can barely find sources for that as well as parts that I need for this bike. It seems I cant pinpoint what this model is called (It might be named differently overseas, though Im not certain of what that name is)

    So here its simply called GSX 250, and I think the 1982-1985 models are very similar. The compliance plate states '83 compliance, but manufactured in '84 :S

    There are models labelled 250 R, 250 E, 250 F, even 250T sooo im bloody confused and delerious but some help from anyone who knows whats what would be excellent!

  2. Suffixes on Suzuki models from the 80s usually just relate to styling changes - ie "F" is used for fully faired varsions, "E" was used for models first fitted with cast wheels, "R" for versions with a restricted power output and "T" was simply a particular styling (like the "S" that was used on all Katana models).

    Safer option is to go by the engine code, which for your bike I'm guessing should be GJ5?A - the missing digit giving the generation of the engine (which had a very long production run). There is also a Hayes workshop manual for the GS/GSX 250 and 400/450 twins.

    I know there is plenty of info out there on the twin cylinder GSX250 - as I kept coming across it trying to find info on my old 4-cylinder GSX250S.

    Edit: Oh and a good place for trying to work out exactly what model you have, and how it fits in with the others, is here:
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  3. Oh and to further complicate things Suzuki also decided to use letters to designate the year, although it's not that commonly used. The sequence started in 1980 with "A", so for example my '85 750 Katana is technically a GSX750SF, whereas the '84 model is a GSX750SE (although does get confusing when you consider they also made a GSX750ES and a GSX750F).

    More details can be found here:
    Should help you work out exactly what year your bike was made from the chassis number.
  4. listen to jd; he's the Suzuki guru (y) :LOL:
  5. Hey jd I gotta say, those are great responses!! Thanks for taking the time to explain all that. I'll see if I can work out more precise info about my bike