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Does anyone know if this Belkin thingy....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. What a resourceful lad you are, Alex, thanks a million. (That's a lot less than the RRP too :).
  2. Thanks, guys, just bought it for $55 + $8 postage off Alex's eBay link!!!

    (Now all I have to do is buy an iPod to go with it :LOL:)
  3. (DD = $24.95 + $7.95 P&H)
  4. Yeah, I know, but I'd already gone to eBay and bought it by the time you posted your links, what the heck, it's only money......
  5. Would you like to buy stuff?

    Have I got a deal for you!

  6. I want that blue tooth thing but its sold out :(

    I have speakers in my helmet (flush mounted to ear padding holes). I'd love a blue tooth thing that could also fit in there, then i'd be sweet :)
  7. You will notice a black one listed as well (see link), it doesn't have the sender unit, just the receiver, so you can use it with any bluetooth enabled device.

    I have both types and they are really good.

    BTW they are relisted reguarly so don't take too much notice of the sell out, it always happens after they discount them a further $10.

  8. Cool. Thanks dude :) I think i need one with a sender though, cause i wanna put the receiver in side my helmet, or.... on it somehow.... And just use the sender for answering calls and music etc. Problem is, music is from my ipod, and calls from my phone. I'd run my phone battery out if i used it for music i reckon... I have an N95 8gb
  9. It just hangs around your neck (the receiver)and yes it can drain your phone battery.

    The other unit I use at home, plug the sender into the comp or the telly etc and don't wake up the rest of the house at 3 am with the volume as high as I want. :wink:
  10. Wowsers, the guy sent it on Wednesday night, I got it this morning. Now I DO have to buy and iPod :rofl:......
  11. :oops: I bought some standard Earmolds at the Bike Show, (couldn't afford $220 for the sound-enabled ones) so I sold the Belkin thingy to my boss for what I paid for it on eBay!
  12. Those earmolds are expensive aren't they, although apparently very good.

    I know you no longer were in need of the belkin, but just thought that after you had generated the interest someone else may have been looking for one, hence the rebirth of this old thread.

  13. A great idea, I'm glad you did.

    I paid $60 for the basic Earmolds, and I reckon they are great value at that. I guess if you want music, $220 is not too much either, but for me it's a new front tyre...
  14. I got a set of the basic Earmolds aswell, the lady told me you can get them upgraded to the music ones and you only have to pay the difference. Would be a good birthday or Christmas present :grin:
  15. That sounds pretty fair. I have been considering getting ear molds due to the noise I have noticed in my helmet. It seems to be getting louder.