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Does anyone know anything about karts?...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Chairman, May 29, 2009.

  1. ...because I don't.

    The "general discussion" forum is reserved for bike related stuff, so I thought I'd tell you about how I had to move my bikes to make room in my shed.

    Today, I had to move my bikes to make room in my shed. I kept an eye on the old bloke across the street as he got older. He died a few months ago, and his family have been cleaning out the the house.

    I came home tonight to find this...


    in my back yard, with a note telling me it was for my kids. I know nothing at all about karts. Apparently it was in his garage. It came with a pit stand, some spare front tyres, a box of spare gaskets and some extra sprockets.

    The motor is a 2-stroke Yamaha...


    Does this type get raced? I seems to be a bit short of bodywork. The brake is a single, mechanically actuated disk on the rear axle.

    Any advice would be most welcome.
  2. Mark, I have no idea except what you've deduced yourself, but allow me to say that your unique wit and commentary is being sadly missed on Netrider, and if we have to grovel a bit to get you back on regularly, I, for one, am prepared to do so :).
  3. damn, lucky man, send it my way!
  4. +1

    At least when I lived down south I'd get the chance to sample your wit and humour first hand, now, not even being able to sample it via the interwebz is making me sad!

    Why don't you craft it to the size of the Brutale and then you can be true to your moniker.
  5. it looks like a kt-100 S motor in a demon or arrow frame.
    maybe an arrow a6 or a demon x8?
  6. Thanks blur1 - I'll google these and see if they look like the chassis. Right now it's taking all my effort to keep Patrick (my 11yo) off it. He's been busy oiling the chain, turning over the motor, suiting up in my helmet and gloves and making "vroom, vroom" noises. I'm terrified that I'll wander into the back yard and find his 8yo sister in a bikini, holding the umbrella over him while he waits for the warm-up lap.

    Oi - Cejay...hows the weather?
  7. Getting cool. 28c today with overnight mins of 19c. We're putting the doona on tonight, the single sheet isn't cutting it. Mind you, we could always close the windows as well.

    Apart from that, fine :)

    How's the Brutale? You could always do me a sound clip and send it to me. And add VTRElmarco's Mille as well. If you do the Brutale, it needs to be full noise though! God I love that bike of yours!
  8. to my eyes, it look slike a stock cart. Should go fast enough to be fun, but not warp speed.

    if it is that motor... 15hp :eek: that should be almost more than a cbr125 :p
  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    thats farken halarious
  10. that's what I meant about unique wit and commentary!!
  11. if thats the case, then definitely keep on posting, pay the man if u have to..

    but in regards to your neighbours, thats a really nice thing they done. not many people left in the world that do that sort of thing
  12. Me, Deyago and you should get liquored up real good like and race that thing up and down your street at three in the morning with out helmets on.
  13. Get in touch with that Go-Kart mob at Port Melb. They will tell you what you can do with it, in the nicest possible way.
  14. I know that Mario-Kart is an awesome game :D but nothing else. We used to have a go-kart when we were kids though.
  15. Yup she looks like a XE28 engine , used to race em in the senior Clubman class a few years ago.

    This link may help ...

    In fact I think my frame is down town in my Bro's workshop [ he bent his :LOL: ] Now they where the days, poor old dad not knowing who to follow when all three of us where in the same races ..... no such thing as 'family' when you can see that finish line :twisted: :LOL:

    What you have pictured is not a backyard toy for kids though, thats a track machine and they can get moving when 'tweeked' right
  16. Bob, we need a crack at this thing.
  17. They are so much fun , every time I see my empty frame we always talk about resurrecting one out of the three and hitting the track again :cool:
    I notice Chiarmans is missing the carby though.. pity :rofl:

    You get the best outa the things by modifying the mixture screw so you can 'tweek' it easy whilst racing ..... richen the mixture as you enter and leave the tighter turns so they don't bog down and pull out of the turn easyier, and lean em off in the straights for the extra rev's.

    We even had spare compete carbys set up for different tracks... eg: Appin is a flat tack at almost sea level , where as the Orange track isn't a flat track and 880mtrs high
  18. Would a radial flat slide suit it? What venturi size?
  19. I have to drop into the shop tomorrow on my way into work, i'll have a look in the box of goodies and see if there is a complete carby, if so I'll either send one down or measure one up for you :)
  20. Thanks Bob - I got the motor running yesterday. It has a carby - a hideous Walbro WB3A which had me completely baffled until I realised that it doesn't run a float bowl, but uses crankcase pressure pulses to pull fuel from the tank. What's missing is airbox & filter.

    It was pretty clear that this thing has some poke. The designers also seem to have mislaid the clutch, so I agree that it's not ideal for the littl'uns. I'm under serious pressure from Fangio Jnr to find out about tracking at Port Melbourne - apparently there's midget class that runs 100cc karts with a restrictor in the carby.

    Oh, and kids said "hello".