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does anyone know anything about DURO tyres

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by goddie, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. I just got my new ride, was wrapt to see a new tyre up front till I saw a name I hadnt heard of, it is a DURO hf918 I think.
    No reviews that I can find, does anyone know anything about them?

  2. Nope sorry
  3. Thanks moto2,
    had a peek, trying to find some kind of review about them on the net is not successful, first day on the new bike today with a new tyre of unknown quality up front, gonna be a slow sweep from footscray road onto the citylink heading north this arvo, hope to scrub the tyre in a little on the weekend.
    thanks again :)

  4. Wow thats a cheap tyre! $45! Ew, straight groove in the middle of the tyre. Watch out for it tracking in rain grooves and lines on the road ;). Thats my personal thing in tread patterns though (up to my third set of tyres in 8 months :p commuting hehe). Second set had straight grooves and i had to fight to keep the bike out of the grooves.

    Reviews i found for ya...

    Not a whole lot out there, but Duro reviews in general say they have been around ages and make a good range of tyres, for what a general review is worth...
  5. Cheers mr messy, appreciate your links, must say for a new tyre without any scrubbing to speak of it felt good on the left sweeper on friday arvo heading off footscray rd onto citylink. i crap myself leaning a little but found more cinfident leaning with the beemer then the suzy 750f i have up for sale, could be the 'low seat' feel..