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Does anyone know a good bike mechanic

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by johnno, May 8, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for a good honest bike mechanic without the "rip off" factor near or around the Berwick, Narre Warren, Cranbourne area? (I suppose that's asking too much not to be ripped off!). Any suggestions?

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  3. I am also kinda new to the bike thing, still trying to find out some more info as my bike is due for a service... it's a CBR250RR and on 32000 km.

    I've been quoted about $320-$350 for it. Is this a good price or am I being ripped off?

    Thx in advance... :)
  4. Very average price for a full service If these prices include parts (oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs)

    And yes that should include valve clearances... just make sure they are actualy checked... I foud most service centers will just rev the bike a bit and try to hear if they are out... It should also include a carby balance...

    Edit: $320-$350 is for a CBR250RR for a CB250 it should be cheeper about $280 from memory...
  5. Hi Sajie, I am new to bikes as well, I have a GPX 250 and had a 12k service done about. The $300 mark sounds OK

    Brett :shock:
  6. Thanks guys.
    Actually, they said "everything except valve clearances". There's a mechanic in Balgowlah (Hart's Tyre & Mechanical Service) gave me a quote of $170, and that's why I am wondering why the big difference.
  7. Here's a list of 12,000 km service work for a CBR250, the 24,000 K service is easier...
    • Every 12,000km or 12months
    Change engine oil and filter (Recommend every 10,000km)
    Check fuel filter and fuel lines for leaks
    Check battery terminals
    Check choke and throttle cables
    Renew spark plugs
    Check carburettor synchronisation
    Check headlight aim
    Check side–stand spring
    Check suspension (front and back)
    Check steering head & wheel bearings
    Check the tightness of all nuts, bolts and fasteners
    Change brake fluid
    Check valve clearances
    Check chain and sprocket condition

    I'm pretty sure the valve clearances are set using shims, which means there is a 99% chance they won't need adjusting until about 100,000K's.
    The engine must be cold to check them, and I assume removing the tank is required.
    A good mechanic should be able to do this in 2-3 hours, at $80 an hour that's $160-240 in labour, add $50 for parts and it should be from $210 - $290 MAX.
    I reckon I can organise it at around $200, done properly...
    PM me if you want.
  8. sajie try bikebiz there very good but maybe abit pricey , but if you use your girly skills and go prepared , saying " someone offerd you this price " they might cut theprice down a little