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does anyone here watch the CEC report?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nosoh, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. pretty scary stuff...
    if you havent, its on 31 usually around 11:30 on sunday night.

  2. That's not the Citizens' Electoral Council is it?

    I hope you put your tinfoil hat on before watching :D.
  3. All hail the rise of the secular cult.

    If you see yourself a go getter, but just need a little guidance to put you on the road to personnel and financial success, maybe the Landmark Forum is for you. Because all you needs a little guidance and positive self-belief.

    A little jaded with that all the positive talking isn't getting you where you want to be in life. Starting to get suspicious and worried about the state of the world, but just can't put the pieces together? That's OK. Their all connected! Let the Citizens Electoral Council show you how just how the shadowy international 'synarchy' rule your world.

    I sense you're now feeling a little depressed? Maybe its not just the system that's getting you down? Maybe the problem really was in you all along. Perhaps you've a super-abundance of negative energy. Let Scientology gauge how much! Oh, this e-meter doesn't this doesn't just measure electric conductivity. It measures resistance caused by thetans. And you've got too much of them. It shows you need to talk about your problems. Cathartic isn't it?

    Now that you're feeling better you have a choice,:you can continue to explore your inner alien and slowly grow your awareness, level by level, payment by payment... Or, if your pockets are now empty, you can head back to the Landmark Forum, and get your life back back on track with a ponzi scheme that has its two feet set firmly on the ground in this world...

    What are you doing, stayin in and watching television on a Saturday night anyway? :-s
  4. ogden i do not not wtf you're talking about, after reading your post i can only assume you havent watched the tv show... and i doubt if you even read the op...it's on sunday night... saturday night is when i go to coles to stock up on my foil supply ;) but good on you for having an opinion anyway :)
  5. Sorry, I did mis-read the OP regarding the day it runs. But I did make sure I watched a few episodes via you tube prior to posting, and I have had experience talking to people from the CEC when they pitch their table up at the Grattan St entrance to Melbourne Uni.

    Basically, they are clueless. The problems they bang on about may or may not be real problems, but their analysis is always fucked up, which partly explains the mish-mash of positions they set out. If you've not already done so, you can do yourself a favour and look up their links to Lyndon La Rouche and the Schiller Institute.

    If you'd like to debate it further, I'm willing.
  6. cheers ogden for the links, will go check them out at some stage...
    i'm not really after a debate, i was just wondering if anyone watches it... i will admit i think those two guys are quite likeable and some of the points they make can be ''interesting''. just wondering if theyre a bunch of loonies or if there is any truth in what theyre saying...