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Does anyone here use Creatine?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, May 17, 2007.

  1. Hello All,

    I am fairly heavily into weight training, and have been reading/hearing all sorts of things regarding creatine being used to supplement the "body building diet" (Which I am already doing)

    Does anyone here use it? If so, any good brands etc? Any side effects?

    Reason I ask is that I seem to have sit a wall with my current eating plan/exercise regime.

    I want to gain a few kgs of lean mass, from my current 92kg's to around 96kg.
  2. I've got 110 kilos of not so lean mass, you want some of that?

    Can't go past steak eggs and cheese though man, and alot cheaper than creatine. A week or two should get you over your wall.
  3. try putting a focus on eccentric muscle movements/exercises as opposed to the usual. I don't physiologically see how consuming creatine will help in the process. Rather, you want to maximise muscle damage and force hypertrophy (muscle growth).

    The easiest and fastest way to put on muscle mass is to place a focus on eccentric muscle movement during your usual workout. You can use much heavier weights but the disadvantage is the post workout muscle pain 1-3 days latter. Workout pains of this sort usually only lasts up to 2 weeks if you consistently workout every couple of days.

    The eccentric component of your workout is when your muscle group is lengthening under the weight. ie, when lowering the dumbbell doing preacher curls (you lengthen your biceps muscle).
  4. Have you tried this before? it's not the HIT method, as it is more physiologically focused than that.

    As for protein drinks - there is plenty in the medical lit on the advantages of that. However, creatine even after 10-12 weeks of intense weight training has no obvious affect...with that said, I know of friends who use it. sometimes it is more psychological that physiological.
  5. I thought creatine just made you retain a bit more water - so you look bigger than you otherwise normally would be...[?]
  6. Certainly Ktulu, I've heard that too. Creatine has polar groups like most molecules and would aid in the retention of water. The description of it's function on wikipedia is pretty good and acurate


    I'm not so sure it lasts 7 seconds, but might. The debate is, (a) creatine is usually regenerated to some extent, so large supplementation is not needed. (b) creatine is present in all meat, cooking destroys only a small percentage of it, the rest you can absorb ...so if you eat plenty of meat, supplementation really isn't required. (c) if it only helps for the 1st 2-3 seconds, then it probably aint going to help in a 30 min workout :roll:

    IMHO It wont really help. If you can lift the weight then you're creatine levels are fine and don't need boosting.
  7. If you're aiming for lean mass, I would steer clear of Creatine, it'll promote water retention. I'm not goign to get into it. But if you want to chat about it, I recommend you speak with Chris from GNC QV, or if you train at 5 Star in Thomo, just approach the 5'9 asian guy that looks like about 110kg.

    I would be looking at what you eat, when you eat, how often you eat and the quanitities.
  8. First I should say that I'm not into body building, but more into strength training/weightlifting, some people call it powerbuilding (different then powerlifting).

    Creatine will allow you to squeeze extra rep or two in a set. It's pretty much energy storage which can be tapped into quickly. It also makes you hold water. It's very useful if your diet consists of protein powder, chicken and tuna. It doesn't do much for me since I eat a lot of beef. Beef has a fair bit of creatine in it already. If I don't eat beef for a period of time I will supplement with creatine.

    Also creatine isn't very useful in strength training for me since I never train to failure.

    What is your diet like? Do you do heavy compound movements like squats and deadlifts?

    I've forgot to mention, stay away from GNC, their supps are a rip off.
  9. My Son went through a stage a while back with this sort of crap,
    only advise i can give is check out information that is:
    1 not sourced from an intrerested party ie, suplier, producer, user etc of the product.
    2 Looks at possible down side/side efects of the product.

    and finaly:
    it's generaly a realy bad idea to put anything in the body that the body dosent NEED

    Creatine Supplementation
    Adverse Effects
    Creatine supplementation often causes weight gain that can be mistaken for increase in muscle mass. Increasing intracellular creatine may cause an osmotic influx of water into the cell because creatine is an osmotically active substance [10]. It is possible that the weight gained is water retention and not increased muscle. The retention of water may be connected to reports of muscle cramps, dehydration, and heat intolerance when taking creatine supplements. It would be prudent to encourage proper hydration for creatine users. Further research is needed to investigate these and other possible side effects.

    Creatine is classified as a "dietary supplement" under the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act and is available without a prescription. Creatine is not subjected to FDA testing, and the purity and hygienic condition of commercial creatine products may be questionable [21]. A 1998 FDA report lists 32 adverse creatine-associated events that had been reported to FDA. These include seizure, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, myopathy, cardiac arrhythmia, deep vein thromboses and death. However, there is no certainty that a reported adverse event can be attributed to a particular product [22]. A recent survey of 28 male baseball players and 24 male football players, ages 18 to 23, found that 16 (31%) experienced diarrhea, 13 (25%) experienced muscle cramps, 7 (13%) reported unwanted weight gain, 7 (13%) reported dehydration, and 12 reported various other adverse effects [23].

    Caution Urged
    There appears to be some potential for creatine supplementation. However, many questions remain. Are there any long-term harmful effects from supplementation? Is there a point where enhanced performance levels off from long-term supplement usage? What effect does "stacking" or taking two ergogenic aids simultaneously have on the body? What happens if you immediately stop taking the creatine supplement? Is the enhanced performance great enough to warrant the expense of the supplement? Until further research answers these questions, creatine is not recommended for the average athlete.
  10. oh creatine, not cretin - is there a difference?

    sorry buddy, i absolutely cannot understand why you would put anything so potentially harmful into your body, for the sake of vanity.
  11. Some people put steroids and all sorts of things into their bodies to make themselves attractive.

    Some people put alcohol into their bodies to make other people attractive :grin:

    Lay off the creatine dudes, and get your GF another glass of wine!
  12. I want some of that stuff that Stallone was throwing out!.

    See how he bulked up in only 3 months!, and the fat content of his body went to zilch.
  13. Stop the press! Beef and meet can kill!

    Don't tell me you are vegan. Because if you are not you are eating that deadly poison all the time.

    Sugar is more harmful than creatine, so is alcohol and you don't see people stop using both of this substances.
  14. Rubish, rubish and rubish.

    there is a BIG diferance between puting anything in your body that you NEED to survive, ei meat (not meet), vegies, etc, etc and something that is to give you an ego boost.

    there are actualy medical reasons for products such as creatine but bulking up for your ego is not one of them.

    please show evidence for this or did you pull it out of thin air?
  15. different motive. i eat meat (sometimes) for iron, not for vanity. i don't drink, i don't have much sugar but if i did, it would be for fun, not to look good (clearly).
  16. When I was doing weights/body building, I was using creatine, FRAC, l-glutamine and protein shakes (with 6-8 small meals every 2-3 hours basically) when I was at "my height" of doing it. I gained around 20-25 kgs (most lean muscle mass) and got accussed/questioned by a few (well lot? heh) friends if I was on steroids. I didn't touch any steroids to gain what I did, I guess it was in around 6-8 months I gained most of my size and in about 1 year I had reached a plateau regarding my weight/muscle size etc etc.

    I started creatine in about my 3-4th week of weights and I swear by this, I definitely did do an extra 5-7 kgs of weights the first night I tried it. And this was before I digged deeper with research on the net that came out with comments of "I gained 10-15 lbs of weights the first day I used it" etc. I did then do a fair bit of gains with weights, muscle size after using creatine. It also helped immensely with DOMS (the soreness you usually have after big weight sessions and the like). I actually started to have no soreness at all fairly instantly with using creatine. With me personally, it did seem like a wonder drug/supplement. I was eating "properly" for muscle weight gain and the only thing I "strayed" with was the occasional beer during summer but that's about it.

    This was about 10 years ago, I think creatine was like the "new kid on the block" with regards to supplements/weight training aids. I stopped doing weights when I moved as I was using a friends home gym to "do weights" at so I slowly lost most of my muscle gains as time went on. I've done weight training a couple times since then and always used creatine + frac as these two seemed to provide me with the best affects. Of course it might not do the same for another person but it's what worked with me. I gained muscle size fairly quickly on each of my subsequent weight sessions but quickly lost interest because it was mainly using other peoples bench presses/weights.

    Funnily enough I was going to do weight training again last year, the very same weekend I set up my bench press at my current place is the time I had my "off" with the bike. I have a heap of weights at home now that are being utilised for other things "door stops, holding down carpet/matts and the bench press is pushed away in a corner and being used as a bench :LOL: I have had a look at some "muscle gain" sites lately and saw there were a couple new creatine products but there isn't much besides the original creatine and "cell tech" that I've noticed is muchly advertised. I buy supplements from http://www.bulknutrition.com/ from time to time. Mainly ALA (alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant), l-tyrosine, choline and piracetam (a nootropic, "smart drug"). I also buy spirulina as a food supplement from local vitamin places but buy the rest from bulknutrition aa the prices are a LOT LESS than to buy from local shops. I save about $100-$150 each time I do orders (doing one next week actually) if I was to buy the same products at a local vitamin shop.
  17. (it's difference not diferance and putting not puting)
    Who said anything about vanity, like I've mentioned, I don't do bodybuilding and I still use it every now and then for performance in my sport of choice. And it's also one of the few sports that I can perform because of my injuries so I will stick to it. I don't have a problem with ego or vanity. It's usually the lazy and unfit people who perceive it that way. If they are comfortable with their lifestyle choices they should be comfortable with mine.

    To put it into perspective what you have just said that all bikes should be banned from the road and riders put into cages. I'm sorry but you can't win that argument.

    If my workout involves lifting a total of 6000kg+ per session, eating over processed and over farmed food which is depleted in nutrients just isn't enough to help recovery.

    Here's for alcohol http://www.nutramed.com/alcohol/alcoholref.htm and that's not mentioning the violence etc, a mate of mine who is a bouncer got put into a hospital 2months ago by few guys who enjoyed their drink.

    As for sugar I don't need to mention diabetes and number of other obesity related diseases. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_fructose_corn_syrup#Health_effects
  18. touche on the spelling :grin:

    The alchohol and sugar articles while may be valid in there own rite have no referances to them being better/worse than ceratine, 3 bad things do not make 1 better that the other 2.

    not sure what relavence that is, very weird analogy, and who said anything about banning ceratine?????????

    i'm pretty sure all i said was (parafrasing) if your going to put something in your body make sure your aware of the consequences.

    You havent met carrie have you, neither a lazy OR unfit young lady ??? as for me, i have a body only 44 years of use and abuse could achieve, and if you'ud have met me you'd know that to say i'd be jelouse of someone elses body shape is some what ludicrous.

    As for the alcohol abuse i grew up with it so i know how bad it can be.
  19. I didn't mean to say you are unfit. I was talking more about lifestyle choices and it was easy to compare one which is on the other end of the spectrum.

    Personally I only use it on occasions when I find it necessary. I get all of my protein for food and I only find that I need extra Zinc, Vit C and Multi-Vitamin.

    I'm also far from big since I train for strength only and not size. I'm just average size, just lean and strong.
  20. Good stuff all, lots of useful information.....

    My diet is pretty much as good as it can be right now, like someone else said, I'll have to go talk to Sly Stallone :LOL: