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Does anyone here Ski or Snowboard ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. me - punter, mostly@ falls creek.
  2. I'm in the sloooooow process of learning to board....you'll probably do 3 black runs to my single green. :D
  3. i'm a snowboarding fanatic, I worked as an instructor in colorado a couple of years back, and i'm up at either hotham or buller just about every weekend in our winter, so if you want someone to ride with let me know. I'll be happy to give beginners a few pointers if they want also, beats paying for lessons!
  4. nah ;)

  5. Went to the snow for the first time last year. Took to boarding like the proverbial duck to water :D

    Will be back again this year when the money allows (I hate being a po' uni student!!)
  6. I can ski but haven't seen snow for about 5 years. Keep meaning to go to one of the mountains but winter comes, winter goes, and I see no powder. :(

    I've always wanted to give snowboarding a go but whenever I go to the snow I tend to just stick to what I can do so I can stay up right for awhile. :)
  7. That pic in my first post was taken middle of August last year at hotham, we had 50cms in 2 days. Plenty pow pow !!

    Mary's, The Chute and Gotcha were all over boot deep in the fluffy stuff
  8. hey

    i went snow boarding last yr for the day at bulla and LOVED IT!!!

    cant wait to go again, but ill let you do ur black runs while i stick tothe more learner/day triper friendly runs :D
  9. emjaye - you should have a look at Falls Creek, it offers a lot for beginner/intermediate skiers and boarders. And it almost always has far better weather conditions than Buller, but then again, what doesn't ? :shock:
  10. another snowboard fanatic here!

    spent 5months boarding in BC and Alberta, Canada last year!...... cant wait till winter here! :D

    (Can anyone rate Vic snowfields VS NSW??.... usually go to Perisher but after CAN the free riding and terrain parks dont really compare!)
  11. Same here.

    I have an advantage though... a complete and reckless disregard for my own safety

    :D :D :D
  12. I went to Falls for a weekend a year and a half ago and had a ball! I'd never been boarding before and the last time I'd been to the snow was a cross country ski camp with school wen I was in year 10 :shock: .

    I LOVED it and was looking forward to going back last year, but being a poor uni student, it was a bit hard for me to get there. I have a board I was given (probably not a very good one, and I'll need to get bindings for it) and I REALLY want to go again this year. I'll see what cheap stuff they're doing at uni.

    :D :D :D
  13. Bags 2 seats :)
  14. I stumbled across that weekend too but at Mt Buller. It was a hell of a lot more fun that my first trip ever to the snow the year before, buller was one huge slab of ice. VERY hard way to learn. Thankfully the padding in my dri-rider gear helped a lot but god dam it hurt.
  15. PlayerOne - I only moved to Melb 18 mnths ago, so I've skied Thredders and PB for many years.


    PB is great bang for your skiing buck, but there's a lot of traversing to get from one broad ski location to another.

    Hotham is bigger than Thredders but of course not as big as PB (but then nothing else is in Aus)

    Hotham offers excellent terrain for all levels of skier Beg thru to Extreme.

    Falls is not as challenging as PB (At Falls I find only Ruined Castle and The Maze really worthwhile, the rest is a no-brainer "just a walk in the park Kozanski")

    Buller offers excellent for the beginner thru to advanced skier, and then, those with a serious death wish can try out the Buller Chutes - they have claimed lives every for the past 10+ !!! :shock: )

    Thredders is better skiing than Falls and PB

    If I had to rate Australian Resorts on an overall value/variety/facility/enjoyment level, from best downwards, I would say the following on the biggest 6 :

    Falls Creek
    Charlotte Pass (excellent just to have fun with a group)
  16. I was there too. Yep, the Dri-rider are brilliant in the snow!!! Taking them again this year!
  17. went skiing for my first and only time about 6 years ago and loved it. wouldnt mind giving snow boarding ago but the bike has made the dosh a bit tight.

    however if anyone wants to lend me a board/ski's and if theres space in marty's car i'm sure i could find some dosh for accom :D
  18. like anything else, specialised gear is specifically made and design for the activity at hand. Your Dri-Rider jasket might be warm and waterproof, but a good ski-jacket will almost certainly be HEAPS lighter and just as if not more waterproof. Skiing is a lot different than being on a bike when it comes to dressing appropriately.

    Best idea for skiing/boarding is to dress in layers

    I wear thermals on the bottom and then my ski pants, on top I wear a long sleeve T Shirt, then a fleece, then my ski jacket. Both my pants and Jacket are North Face brand and as such they are excellent when it comes to being waterproof and breathability. I also have a straight waterproof shell jacket and willsometimes wear a sleeveless fleece under that as well.

    The benfit of wearing layers is that if you get too hot, you can take off a layer at a time and adjust your temperature in stages, rather than a bulky jacket that is either on and closed, on and open, or off completely. They are often not good compromises.

    I do understand that if you only ski once or twice a year, it may not be worth your while to go out and spend $400+ on a decent Jacket and about $250+ on pants.

    Oh, and just in case - leather and snow don't mix well. Don't wear your cycle gloves, they'll be a sodden mess by the end of the day.

    Pants/Jacket/Gloves = Gore-Tex for the best performance.