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Does anyone have a solution to reflection inside visor?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MangaGal, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I'm new to riding. I've got myself a new helmet and a Fog City hyper-optik insert. I have a problem with bad reflection from inside visor. Bad as in I could see myself blinking. It's really distracting. The last helmet I had had the same anti-fog insert and it only gave me a little reflection from the inside. I cannot understand why this time the reflection is so bad.

    I'm worried that I didn't stick the insert on properly. I followed the instructions as this was the first time I had done it (the first time the shopkeeper did it for me). I'm worried the clear thin film is still on it - I've tried million times to try to peel it off (as per instruction) but it didn't seem to have it. So, I couldn't exactly complete the instructions.

    Any ideas how can I fix this reflection problem?

  2. What sort of helmet is it?

    Why do you use the fog insert? (They can be for fog or for tinting.)
  3. I've got a M2R Ignition (Antman) helmet. I use the fog insert for mainly tinting purpose because I don't like the dark tint visor that came with it. It's too dark for commuting in case I leave work late. So, I bought the fog insert since I used it before and it works for me, well, not this time.

    Do you know why the reflection gets so bad on this particular insert? I'm not sure if it can be replaced if it's found to be faulty. I bought it from the Canberra Motorcycle Centre. They're usually pretty good. It's too bad that M2R doesn't make any other visor for this particular helmet. It's only either the clear one or dark tint. Nothing in between. I've looked everywhere and ended up getting the fog insert.

    If the reflection gets too bad, I'm not sure what I should do. Not even sure if I could buy another clear visor for my helmet. Might have to order. The fog insert isn't cheap so I'm hoping to resolve this issue soon. Any help is appreciated.