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Does anyone have a pair of Medal Boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bogus69, May 16, 2007.

  1. I'm thinking about splurging on some boots that I hope will last me for ages.
    I have heard that the Italian guy in Fitzroy has a good rep for hand making booots for riding.

    Anyone here actually have personal experience with these boots?
  2. On the downside they take ages to wear in and start to be comfy and they are an old fashioned non-armoured and non-weather proof boot.

    On the upside they last ages and can be easily re-soled (I know someone who's had a pair for 15 years and are on their third set of soles).

    I gather the old guy has slowed down a lot these days and it can take quite some time to get a pair.
  3. I used to have a pair a long time ago....15-20 years I think. They were good, wore them for everything (almost) But if the design hasn't changed at all, like ZRX1200R said, they are old fasioned, non armoured and heavy compared to what you can get these days. I had an off on my FJ1200 with them on and they held up well and I had no injury to my feet and lower legs. How much are they these days?
    As far as weather proof, like all leather products, you can water proof them.
  4. havent checked on the price lately.

    i rang 2 years ago and i think it was about $550..
  5. I have a pair that are now about 22+ years old. Sadly they are sitting in a cupboard as they haven't fit me in years - my dad got them for me when I was a teenager and I can just not zip them up over my calves. I often think about whether I should try getting them altered - whether it is even possible - as they were bloody great boots. They are still in excellent nick - I even used to wear them on a dirt bike and they really got punished. I take them out from time to time and try them on just in case :LOL:
  6. I had heard that the guy retired... but that he may do special orders. I haven't been around there for a while - apparently the shop is now operated as a different business by his son. Can't confirm any of this, tho'.
  7. I had some boots repaired at Medal a earlier in the year. They did good work. :)

    Don't know about their boots though...
  8. I've got two sets.
    One for nine years and the other for eight.
    They are great. :cool:
  9. I got my medal boots in 1982 along with a brand new Honda CB900F2B bike cost me just over $3000 at the time and the boots were $85 took two weeks from being measured for the boots to be hand made .. I have had them resoled a few times, replaced a zip but still use them they would have a few hundred thousand Ks on them by now.. taken me pretty well all around OZ.... and through the door of a few pubs over the years..
  10. I have medals and use them all the time,
    they are about 25 years old
    had them resoled about 4 times now
    his shop is around the back of think of 160
    his son has a computer shop in front

    ph 94194374
  11. Yep, I've had mine for 3.5 years...fantastic! Luv em..perfect fit. The man is a genius. Cost about $350..?

    Well worth it in my opinion... :grin: