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Does anyone follow advisory labels on red bulls?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Hey, I have recently switched from coffee to redbull as my preferred beverage (it has beena little too hot to be drinkin coffees all day lately)

    So anyways, here I was sitting in the car at traffic lights and decided to actually read the label... apparently they reckon that ur only supposed to have 2 a day! I have been having like 4 a day plus maybe 1 or 2 strong ! is this a BAD thing?

  2. The fact that you are asking means the baaad effects of over-consumption haven't started to set in yet. So there's hope......
  3. AbsolutelynotthereisnothingwrongwithdrinkingasmanyredbullsasyouwantinadayIdrank10todayand itdidn'taffectmeatall.................
  4. supposedly can harm your heart/prompt heart attack

  5. its a stimulant, as is coffee.

    everything but lettuce is bad for you, and lettuce can't even be processed by our bodies properly due to our under grown appendix.
    the biggest killer in humans is life itself ;) dont let a few extra redbulls worry you :grin: :p

    if you can do more than inci with 10 though, see a doctor :LOL:
  6. inci, that would have to be right up there nudging post of the year :LOL:
  7. You ride a motorbike and you are scared of drinking Red Bull ???:LOL:
    BTW- Better be a bit more careful on the bike- don't forget where the brake is, remember- 'Red Bull gives you wings!" :LOL:
  8. I found out the hard way that the caffeine hit is not the same as being awake. It stimulates you, makes you think that you're fine and can hide the signs of real fatigue.

    And Inci's post has to be #1 surely!
  9. Couldn't agree more, LMFAO :LOL:

    You did slip up and put a space after 'and' though. :p
  10. I had a few V's in one day and noticed increased heart-rate.

    Some virii can play with your bodies bioelectrics and cause heart palpitations or irregular beats.
    It can be quite disconcerting - and will adjust blood pressure.

    You'll be fine unless you have other health complications.

    Those drinks are full of sugar and acid too - if you're drinking that many/day, you'll probably have digestive troubles/heart-burn and the beginnings of diabetes before you notice heart problems [if you're young & fit].
  11. I used to drink around 6 bottle of V Black a night, but after a while I was having really bad chest pains and monster headaches, sure enough.. I stop drinking V, they go away.

    Also, I'm told they aren't good for your liver or kidneys or someshit.
  12. six! geeeezus man! you'd have been bouncing off walls, imaginary or real, all night!
  13. More than 2 a day?

    The warning used to say no more than 5 per day!

    I found out the hard way, actually read the can after 11 RedBull&vodkas!

    Didn't hurt a bit!!! :shock:

    And that's NO BULL,..... er, em, actually it was,..... RedBull!! (sponsor me pleeeese!!!

  14. :LOL: gold :LOL:
  15. Lol I drank 12 V's (same stuff different label) in a day once .. I was buzzing ....
    Those where the days of going to bed late and having to wake up at 5:30...