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Does anyone feel like there getting old?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ChArMs, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. :LOL: For some reason i do :eek:

    Anyone feel the same? :wink:

    Hmm will the poll work :? lol
  2. arent you only as old as the :p person you are feeling
  3. I think it may have somthn to do with each day that goes past, not so sure tho
  4. You can feel as young as the whiskey you're drinking!
  5. Well i cant say i feel old as i just turned 21 :woot: (sorry to rub it in)
    But i sometimes do feel as though life is going by very quickly and trying to stay drunk is proving to be difficult. hahahaha lol
  6. Not drinking Miss dj......Riding girlie!!!!

    the only way to keep colour in yer cheeks.
  7. Today I do, back's killin' me! :evil:

    That's why I married a younger woman! :twisted:
  8. I'm getting younger and wiser everyday. :)
  9. You're 23 and you feel old???? :shock: :shock: :shock:
    There is no hope for you :p
    I turned 36 last week and I don't feel old at all ;)
  10. Is that what im doing wrong!
  11. Being old is definitely a state of mind. Turned 34 in March and do not feel the slightest bit 'old'. In fact, I think I feel younger as each year goes on :grin: LIFE IS FANTASTIC.. :grin:
  12. Theres hope for me yet then undii :woot:
  13. Some days I do..like when I meet someone with a full licence that was born in 1986.......... :(
    Or when I do some work on the car, lots of bending over and pay for it the next day. Or when my knee decides it is to cold! :LOL:
    But generally life is good, I reckon it gets better as you get older!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Sometimes...yes. Especially when the guys that I was pillioning around Philip Is. (Ktulu and Scrambles) were born about the same time as I was getting my license! :LOL: When I look back through my old photo albums. When I go shopping with my 17yo daughter. When MY first bike looked like this!!


    Actually, I dont feel 'old' I feel like I have lived and am living life fairly fully. Faroutandfunkyman :cool:
  15. :LOL: some of the quotes posted have it's pro's & con's

    Flipper thanks :p :LOL: no hope for me then :wink:

    undii well don't know whats up with my mind then :LOL: if it's state of mind :? lol

    For the people who feel young how do you do it ?

    :wink: :LOL:
  16. Nope.

    Mind you, when I retired last year, I decided I should try to stop daydreaming about what I'll do when I grow up.......
  17. Yup sometimes, when I talk about "todays music" and how shit it is..........I feel like Homer talking to Bart/Milhouse about his music.
  18. I play. :) Life's far to short to take seriously. Play often, giggle and laugh at stuff, try new things and keep believing you can. That's how you stay young. :wink: It's a perspective thing. Yes we have responsibilities to meet but it is possible to not get bogged down in the boring shit all the time. It's important to ignore the sore knee and lawn mowing every now and then so you can get your mates together, ride bikes, build a rope swing over the river and chuck rocks at the fence. :grin:
  19. haha , im only 21 (22 in less than 3 months) and some days i feel ancient! , it feels like your bones are already turning to dust , but then again on other days i feel the same as i did when i was a little kid , the key is to try and avoid anything that drags you down and find those things that reignite the passion you had as a kid ;) , when you have found those things that bring out that passion , and while your doing them your never old your still the same little kid you were with wide eyes and a big grin on your face just enjoying life

    also having friends you can get together with and be an idiot and just enjoy being young with helps a lot with the feeling old thing!

    and having friends who are much older is always great at making you feel young hahahaha , always keep some at least a good 5 to 10 years older around (helps if they are ugly as a hatfull of a*rseholes too , then it will make you feel young and sexy) hahahaha :D
  20. AY

    I cant hear you talk louder and the screens blurry and the keys move position on the keyboard AND i forget to look at the speedo meteron da bike :LOL: .....