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Does anyone ever find a use for some of these emoticons?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. I was particularly thinking of

    Like obviously i get the idea of why you'd have these (cepts maybe the inquisition one... thats a bit po-mo) but how often would you actually get to use them?

    Anyone have examples of when they've used them/when they'd like to use them?

    I know i often get the urge to blame alot of things on the spanish inquisition...
  2. You're obviously new to NR... they're some of the most used emoti's on the site. LMAO ...especially the popcorn...
  3. I guess you just found a use for them. :)


  4. :popcorn:

    Is it because popcorn is so delicious? Because i find sitting and watching threads while eating popcorn is hard because all the butter on my fingers makes it difficult to press refresh every 5 seconds.

    I'm sorry, i'm just so desperately, desperately lonely. :---)
  5. :WStupid: I've used them all except the last one.:butt: :)
  6. You need some: :smileysex: :beer: :beer: and :bannanabutt:
  7. Actually i just thought of a good use for them.

    One day after :smileysex: i ate :spam: and was :busting:, but it burnt so my ass went :butt:. I was like :eek:hno: but then :google:'d my condition, it said :smileysex: would be \\:D/.

    Stupid 8 image limit, it was so much more elaborate!!!
  8. You'd be suprsied.
  9. :newb: :butt:
  10. :smileysex:

    This emoticon is unrealistic.

    No-one lasts that long during sex.
  11. I've not used this on the forums, but I've certainly used the phrase in conversation (usually humorous)

  12. :nopity::dance::dance::dance::dance:=D>

    *and we donces*
  13. This is a great thread.

    everyone can get their emoticon angst out of their systems! :popcorn:
  14. Better not get rid of the frickin' popcorn.

    How else will I be able to post in the clutchless gearchange/best bike oil/premium fuel threads?
  15. What is this, the spanish inquisition???????


    :banana: We need a banana emoticon.
  16. ...too many questions asked... I think that's what it means!

  17. actually I should shut up...
  18. #18 Chollima, Oct 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    You're not a Monty Python fan! All explained in this classic.

  19. ..Ah!!.. Monty Python speak! 8-[
  20. ..there is an icon for that!! :-#