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Does anyone else still have a Revere 650?

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by lats, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. On the off chance, jsut wondering if anyone on here has a Revere and wants to catch up and talk NTV. Bit of a long shot as I expect most of them were ridden into the ground by the couriers of the 90s. But, that's the bike I bought :)

    1990 Honda NTV650, or Honda Revere

    Shaft driven 650cc twin
    Twin calipers and forks from a CBR600 fitted by the previous owner
    Staintune pipe
    Wacky metallic paint job (Done by the previous owner I hasten to add :D )
    + a bugger load of Ks of course (ex courier's bike)

    My first bike, enjoying it thoroughly so far on the commute to work.

    I've signed up for a Stay Upright Intermediate course on August 20, followed by my MOST on August 23 and then a track day at Marulan in October. Exciting times ahead :)







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  2. Is that a dent in the tank or they meant to look like that?
  3. It's not a dent, it's sculptured the same on both sides to fit the CBR forks better (the bars are closer to the tank
  4. SQUID !!! *gasps*
  5. doesnt count he is on a scooter
  6. Did the resculpting of the tank reduce the capacity by any significant amount?
  7. Looks great for a 22 year old bike!
    The metallic paint is reasonably tasteful.
  8. Cheers, I have to admit it goes well for an old banger too. Still making somewhere near its original 60hp/60nm:D

    I haven't got it down to reserve yet so I can't really comment, but I'd have to assume there's a couple of litres lost.
    Last fill up it took 14L from what I thought was near to reserve but until I actually do get it right down I won't know what it's missing from its original 20L

    Is that an in joke? You'll have to explain it to me
  9. a joke from me cool bike last owner spent 2 mutch on it though
  10. Why? The last owner merely built what he wanted. Plenty of people on here are pouring money that they will never see again into new bikes. The Revere should be fun and serve you well. The drivetrain is certainly well proven as Deauville owners will attest.
  11. Reminds me of dodgem cars they used to have at the show when I was a kid.
  12. love the pic with plane in it... so i stole it
  13. lol ok, I shall put out a reward for its safe return (y)