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Does anyone else see the irony in this ?? Touring cars . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. In this years V8 Supercar series, the PaceCar will be the new R35 GTR.

    :shock: wow !


    Now cast your minds back to 1993 people, what dominated the Australian Touring Car scene to make rule changes to only allow taxi derived vehicles to only race in the premier touring car competition ????
  2. Bwahah. :)

    One wonders if it's an incredibly subtle, spiteful suggestion that the only thing slowing the "super"cars down is the GTR.

    I miss the not-just-for-taxis touring car races.
  3. .. while Marcos Ambrose is racing a Toyota Camry in NASCAR in the U.S. :LOL:.
  4. I certainly see it as the GTR controlling the V8's :LOL:
  5. "you're a pack of bloody arseholes"

    Bring back the AUST DELIVERED SHOWROOM touring cars.

    I think the move to two 'manufacturers' has been terrible. Particularly with the blueprinting of the cars. Not really any different to glorrified slot cars.

    The downfall of the Group A era was having limited import models allowed in, although it is probably not much different to having camaros and mustangs in the seventies.

    A move back to a production touring car series, with multiple manufacturers and a minimum aust delivery or production number (say 250-500 per annum?) would be great.
  6. They are not blue printed. They are not production cars. They are nascars (with only slightly different engines) with body panels that look like Australian cars

    They could in no way be considered production cars.

    Not quite. the mustang and the sierra were never imported by ford. A grey importer picked them up towards the end.

    similar with the GTR. No importer at the beginning, then a grey importer, then finally Nissan right at the death.

    So the cars that were winning were never really available for the public.

    The best era in Australian motor sport was probably the production based group C of the early 80s.
  7. wtf is it about this forum that everyone feels the need to argue every bloody point to the enth degree? Keyboard warriors!

    You want me to write some big essay as to how all the technicalities work? Many here probably don't, nor want to know all the bs technicalities. (Ever heard of 'project blueprint'? The mustang reference was to Pete Geoghan's ATCC winner and Moffs Coke Trans Am stang)

    I know more than you, you know more than me.... FFS move on

    My pick is the day-glo big banger as the peak of Aussie touring cars, and the late 60's, early 70's as the best era.
  8. +23,987,785,998
    bloody taxis
  9. FWIW, I want an essay.
  10. :LOL:

    Considering I agree the current formula is bollocks, I find your rant funny.

    Just saying I don't think group A really worked either.

    So I agree all round.
  11. What? Those boring things on telly yesterday? You are kidding.
    Spectator numbers suggest the V8 Supercars are the show people want to see.
  12. Official spectator numbers suggest AVESCO are liars
  13. ahh the days of skafey owning the 8's around the mountain in the GTR.
  14. Anybody see the Top Gear tribute to 50 years of the BTCC a few weeks ago?

    Now that's the sort of touring car racing I could get interested in :twisted: .
  15. Production based Touring Car championships has also diminished overseas. I think BTCC is the only one that have cars which closely related to road going versions and have a wide range of makes and models in the field.

    For instance, DTM (German Touring Car Championship) - the Mercs, Audis and Bimmers have all pretty much the same aero package and body panels to look almost like the road going version. The JGTC (Japanese GT) has also gone down this path, the cars competing are no where near the road going versions.

    I like froggy's idea -
    A move back to a production touring car series, with multiple manufacturers and a minimum aust delivery or production number (say 250-500 per annum?) would be great.

    But regulating the rules would be bloody difficult !

    Look what happen during the ATCC 2L Championship of the 1990s. The AWD Audis (Brad Jones) were flogging the competition even with the extra weight penalties. And in BTCC, when they minimised spoilers, they had to be reintroduced because the TWR Volvo 850 Estates were rumoured to have the ground effect advantage. So when spoilers were reintroduced, crafty Tom Walkinshaw reverted back to the 850 Sedan.

    Group A did work for a while. The Rothmans VL Commodores gave it to the factory BMW teams during a short european outing, but then again - they were all found to be cheating with irregular weights. And those Eggenberger Sierras . . . . well, I guess it was not only the R32 GTR that lead to the demise of the Group A formula.
  16. Avesco's product might sell, but only the stupidest would go out and buy a Holden on Monday because they won a race on Sunday.

    Now, in 1964, on the other hand, six show-room stock Vauxhall Vivas finshed 1-6 in the Armstrong 500 at Bathurst.

    Have a guess who many sold on Monday???

    Taxi-racing is 'tailored for TV' racing and has no relevance to the market-place at all, hasn't for decades.
  17. I actually enjoyed the Bathurst 12hr race that I caught glimpses of on Saturday. They had a nice mix of cars, eg. HSV, Integra, EVO, WRX, and even a couple of Turbo Diesels. Much more interesting to watch than Sunday's race I reckon.
  18. I take issue with the Sierra reference. i knew of at least two Sierras that were bought new from a Ford dealership in Top Ryde, Sydney when the cars were racing. They were offered under Ford contracts and deals were done in teh dealership.

    Anyway, the fact is, you COULD buy these cars if you wanted to, and they were legally homologated according to teh rules of the time. They bent the rules no furtehr than the XA Falcons/Walkinshaw Commodores of teh time, the general public had a VERY hard time getting one of them.
    I agree completely that the current "series" is a pathetic joke. But bogans have a way of getting what they want. Mind numbing processions of noisy shitboxes is what they want.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Paul, there are a lot of stupid people if we use the definition you offer above! Yes, it still happens........
    And Taxi racing has plenty of relevance to teh market place it is targeting, alcohol sales and shitty locally made sedans. Have a look at the advertising next time a race is on. Apparently, every bogan needs a 285Kw Commodore to do teh shopping, never mind the fact teh payments mean their kids suffer.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. yeah, like these also sold by the truckloads in 1986 !


    Now settle down Andrew !!!