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Does anyone else 'iPod' whilst riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tex Warren, May 9, 2006.

  1. I have a playlist of my favorite hard rockin' tracks that I listen to when blasting out along the road... does anyone else do this... if so whats your playlist top ten?


    1. Breaking the Law - Judas Priest
    2. Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner
    3. Radar Love - Golden Earing
    4. Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf
    5. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd Alternative - Freebird, Call me the Breeze
    6. Paradise City - Guns N' Roses Alternative - Knockin on Heaven's Door
    7. Invaders - Iron Maiden Alternative - Run to the Hills
    8. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
    9. Born to be Wild - Stepenwolf Alternative Magic Carpet Ride
    10. Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult.... or the Muttonbirds version is great too.

    Honorable mentions -

    "Little Wing" - Hendrix,
    "Kashmir" - Led Zep,
    "Like a Hurricane" - Neil Young and Crazy Horse,
    "Riders on the Storm" - Doors,
    "Going up the country" - Canned Heat,
    "One" - Metallica,
    "Lets Go" - The Cars,
    "The boys are back in town" - Thin Lizzy.
  2. i just got my new phone that has mp3 capabilties and i gotta say
    this phone is great... and the music is excellent
    i have now discovered riding with music is great and NO it dosnt conflict with concentration
    it help buff out wind noise and also gives u somthing else to listen to instead of the sound of ur muffler screaming its tits off
    :grin: :grin:
  3. I bought an i-river for the Gym but got to using it while I ride, love it now brakes up the boring commutes. Got to be carfull not to zone out on the music though. :)
  4. Well i do not agree with them being used

    as I See it is NO different to a CAR with Loud music ,

    They cant hear what is going on around them
    and DON"T even hear an Ambulance coming
    EVEN if it is right behind them

    let alone a BIKE :shock:

    as they are in their Own World (zone out ) :shock:

    and i do't care what others Say quit frankly
    because ALL drivers Lapse in concentration
    Especially ON long trips
    Do Not keep checking Mirrors like they should
  5. I think music is a must esspecialy on the midlands boreway. I've taken several trips up and down the state and at times without music I would have gone crazy.

    I know a support teacher of the deaf and several of her mature age students ride. There are a lot of deaf riders how do you account for them on the road? Their definatley not zoned out I've seen them ride and filter. I think they have compensated by being the most active with visual scaners.
  6. I prefer no music when riding. I wear earplugs, so I dont have to deal with lots of noise, but I can still hear enough to be aware of my surroundings. I would def lose concentration if I had music on. I zone out quite easily depending on the music being played. Or more importantly, if I had Motley Crue ( kickstart my heart) I would prob stack or get done for doin twice the speed limit ;)
  7. Personally i find i am more alert when i have some music or a radio to listen to. Especially when driving my car on longer trips or late at night after a shift at work. It stops me from zoning out and becoming bored. I find that my mirror checks and head checks increase in frequency and are more comprehensive.

    I am, however, yet to listen to music whilst riding my bike.
  8. Last study I read on this stuff basically said that music increased concentration, helped mirror/instrument scanning, and that loud music (up to a point) increased peripheral vision response time a bit. You could probably find it through scholar.google.com. That being said, it's only one study I can vaguely remember, and I did read it years ago :)


    What headdies do you guys use while riding? Or do you just strap a sub to the back seat with some occies? :shock:
  9. The bit about riding a bike i like the most is the connection with the World and my surroundings. The fact that you feel the road and all the other senses is what makes it so appealing. In a car, it's so boring you need something to stop you sleeping, but i've never felt that bored on a bike. There's always something to do.
  10. i say dont knock it till u try
    if you havnt done it , you dont have experience...
    if u dont have experince, you cant criticise....
    even when i had the music on it was fine .... i rode the same and did all my headchecks and rode normal.... if anything a bit better
    as ur not so stiff... and a bit more relaxed...and the bikes flows better

    but if you have done it and you dont like it well thats a valued oppionion
  11. Don't know that I criticised? I just never get bored on a bike.
  12. Personally I don't and I don't really want to, I dont think that I would be as aware of the things going on around me as I am now. I think it would be more of a distraction than anything to me.

    Everyone will argue that it is better/worse to ride with music... But then it will just become an arguement like what is the fastest 250 bike LOL everyone has their own opinions about the subject.
  13. oh dude wasnt talkin about u.... just in general
    sorry didnt mean of offend you
  14. But we know what the fastest 250 is....
  15. Ive had this going while driving the Lotus through the hills... :LOL:

    Ive been considering getting some in ear type headphones - such as the etymotic er4 - they have good noise reduction so they should work as well as ear plugs, but I expect a bit more comfort. Both car and bike are vehicles where you need ear plugs or some sound isolation. Doesnt stop me hearing other vehicles, just cuts the exhaust and intake drone.

    How do you go about changing songs etc on a bike? Just start it and let it go?
  16. yeah the only downfall.... maybe if you got a ipod...and put on shuffle
    im wondering with my new phone it has voice controll but im not sure if it works for music...
    still testing lol
  17. The thing that worries me about wearing in-ear buds (etymotic er-2/4, sony mdr-51ex/71ex) is if i come off and slam the side of my head into the side of the helmet. I don't want a burst eardrum or worse to deal with. That and getting your helmet on without hurting your ears or pulling the plugs out would be a bugger.
  18. I have ridden with music. Back in the olden days I rode with my Walkman in my tankbag, took the headphones off the metal headset and they fitted beautifully in my helmet.
  19. Id hazard a guess most motorsport drivers/riders wearing a helmet are also wearing earplugs - so I cant imagine this is a real risk. To actually have something penetrate the helmet and push on your ear im guessing there are other things to worry about than bursting an eardrum :shock:
    Remember your helmet should be tight fitting, so if you have an off your head should not be moving relative to the helmet to any degree sufficient to cause an injury from the helmet itself.
  20. At the moment i listen to the bike as much as feel it for rev responce and the like, especially when splitting. For this reason i still don't go for any music in the Helmet. Hen I have teh feel of the bike down i may start listening to some music.

    Not sure what my exact top 10 would be but I know that there would be some Tea party, Franz Ferdinand, and jethro Tull in there. but on a second selection it would be pure thumping Trance. (But that could get my in trouble with the speed police)

    Some of the funkyest driving i have done is sideways on gravel in 4WD with Trance thumping out hard.