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Does anyone else here "Zone Out"?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tmg, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. You know, when you're driving/riding along, and you start to think about something else other than the current activity, and you simply end up staring into space, but you still manage to stick to the path you're following, only to end up snapping out of it 30 seconds (or longer if you're really bad), and think to yourself, what just happened in those 30 seconds?

    I find it's worse if I listen to music at the same time in my car, which is why I try not to have the stezza goin these days as I won't be "I-podding" it when I get my bike.

    Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

  2. I get this at work... when speaking to particular individuals...

    Dont get this in the car on the bike though... bit concerning..
  3. Yep, happens mainly in the morning when driving the same road to work, and on the way home. Over-familiarity with the road, I think, I've been driving and riding it for nearly 40 years!!
  4. nah hornet, thats senility ;)

    Im with motard - i dont really get this on the bike but i have once or twice and if i do i pull over for a bit. its really dangerous, for me it only usually happens if im tired.
  5. Only sometimes, pretty much only when there's no other motorists around on the road so there's only the road to watch, that can make me zone out and forget chucks of a trip
  6. Yep, I zone right out on the freeway quite often when there's little traffic.

    That's why it's better riding in traffic I reckon, constantly concentrating on how to break through the next set of cars and trucks keeps me awake.
  7. yep, driving for work sometimes over 1000kms a day i forget going through entire towns.

    i think it can be fatigue and/or boredom.

    i have been pretty lucky with autopilot so far ;)
  8. Yeah i zone out heaps if i have something on my mind or i'm just cruising at the same speed for a little while.
  9. Hmm yup every now and then. When you stop you realise you simply were on autopilot and dont remember the drive there.

    On a similar note this is what woke me up from drinking and driving. Too many times I would arrive home after a night on the piss in the drive way and think to myself that I couldnt remember the entire drive home.

    I got real lucky and wont ever ever do that again.
  10. I get this on a small scale every now and then, less on the bike obviously. But it can happen on a grand scale and is pretty scary. I drove the Nullabor on my own a bit over 10 years ago. By about day 3 I was well and truly into the no mans land that is the Nullabor plain. This is where the longest straight stretch of road is - about 257km dead straight. And at the end of that, there is a very slight bend and then another 100 k's before the next bend.

    It was here that with music playing and about 3 hours into that days drive I glanced at the clock and saw it was about 11:20. Felt like I had driven for about 30 minutes and then glanced at the clock again. It said 2:40! WTF? I thought the clock was screwed but my watch said the same. I had zoned out for over three hours. Either that or I was visited by aliens and abducted for a few hours(the classic lost time symptom). The kilometres equated to about 3 hours driving and I didn't have a sore asshole so I ruled out the alien abduction option.
  11. It happened to me on the black spur and we all know how that ended up :p
  12. Yes I have done - scary really...
  13. today for something different i am going to try to "ZONE IN" :LOL:
  14. :LOL: hehe that's a good one! :LOL:

    I reckon computers make you do this alot, coz I am a nerd when it comes to using the PC, as I spend copious amounts of time on them working on projects and concepts for things. I reckon I just gotta take a break for a while...do something real world for a change.
  15. If you watch "The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid" you will see that it happens to John Hopkins, and you will hear his view on how it effects his race.
  16. I think it happens to all of us...
  17. Hmmm... I can't remember what I was going to post here.
    I know I read the thread, but before I got to the end I just started thinking about a mixture of Kate Beckinsale and how long have I got before I need to put more fuel in the truck[?]

    Ahh, whatever this thread's about, I'm sure my answer's like "no" or something.