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Does anyone else have bad days?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. It seems like every now and then there are days when I just should not be in control of a vehicle and should walk around instead. They seem to happen when I'm a bit tired or my mind is on other things and little mistakes start to creep in. It's like my judgement is operating at about 70% instead of 100.

    This seems to happen for both bike and car, though it's a hell of a lot more scary when on the bike.

    Last night on the way home from work I nearly made a right hand turn infront of an on-coming car which was pretty stupid. There was no mishap because the car saw me and slowed down and I realised what I was doing and stopped before I crossed its path, but it still scared me. It's probably the first blantantly stupid thing I've done since I've been riding.

    The trend continued today when riding in along the Easten Freeway and decided to pull into the transit lane a bit too close infront of a Targo, while forgetting to change down gears. The result was that the Tarago came right up my arse, then overtook me in the emergency lane. Not much fun.

    I think if I make it home tonight I'll leave the bike alone for the weekend while I get my head straight. I've noticed recently that my skills have been improving so I'm now capable of getting myself into trouble, but they haven't improved enough to get me out of it again (if that makes sense).

    Does anyone else have days like this when they just shouldn't be on the road?
  2. Oh yeah.

    Sometimes I'm riding/driving and I realise "My mind really isn't on the task at hand, here."

    Bit of a wake-up call :eek:

    I generally speed up to get some adrenalin going and FORCE myself to concentrate. Same thing if I'm tired.
  3. Yes I do (having one now) - so I don't go out at all on the bike if possible. Pity more vehicle owners don't have the same level of insight you seem to have. Cops and ambos could get a card game finished then :LOL:
  4. Yeah now and then I do, considering my bike's my only means of transport. But I find riding/driving is one of the few things I can purely concentrate on with no distractions! Everything else on the other hand.... :roll:
  5. At the very least you gotta pull over and give yourself a talking to. It happens to us all. Stay safe
  6. It doesn't happen to me.
  7. Ah cleverlie you are gods gift to the road JK :LOL:
    My mind can sometimes wander when im in the car, and i dont remember seeing the scenery 200m ago, its like the body goes into auto-pilot. On the biike on the other hand its different i dont have the same gizmos to play with and someone to talk to, all concentration is on the road, and other cages on auto-pilot :LOL:
  8. I know

    I know what you are talking about sometimes your minds just not on the ball. Yesterday was riding was just in an 80 zone but there was a bit of country around trees paddocks and farms. Was coming over a crest and could see the road for a good 600 meters straight in front about 200 meters in front i could see something on the path of the road i was in. Usually i would just move the bike over out of the way it was just a good size rock but for some reason my mind just wasn't on and i went over it which pitched the front wheel a little to left and nearly felt like it was just going to yank the steering from my hands. That switched the mind on but then about 10 kms later a car was coming out of a blind driveway she was yacking on her mobile and nearly pulled out but saw me at last minute. Usually i prep myself when i am on that type of road with blind driveways get myself ready to react but my mind just drifted off. And when i got home and thought about my ride i thought thank god she stopped or i wouldn't have been prepared to stop.