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Does anyone else believe terrorism is bs?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if im the only one?

    My personal belief is that the U.S. government had a hand in the 9/11 tragedy, that at least one building was brought down by controlled demolitions set in place some time before the actual event.

    Discuss if you please
  2. err...didnt you see the planes? :roll:
    The fuel from the planes, the papers in the building and the wall materials all burning together created enough heated to weaken the framework within the towers. The weight of all the building above the fires was too much for the heated steelwork to support, hence they came down in a spectacular and deadly fashion.
    Get off the weed, you're getting very paranoid, mate.
  3. I have watched the tapes in slow motion and there are no windows on the planes

    i.e. they are not standard passenger jets
  4. I think you have been sleeping with the bong way too much.

    What a conspiracy theory. Care to explain your theory about all of the passengers who disappeared on board the planes that struck WTC buildings, and why they would fly on planes with no windows.
  5. You've posted this in the wrong forum; it ought to be in Jokes and Humour....
  6. Just to clarify I am not trying to push my view onto anyone else.

    I believe that the passengers could of dissapeared in a number of ways. I dont believe that the planes that struck the buildings were American Airlines passenger planes, in my opinion most likely unmarked military planes.
  7. Bloody hell. I have been putting up with conspiracy theories since JFK got popped off. Did a plane really hit the pentagon?
  8. Do aliens really land and talk to Idaho potato farmers? Is Kylie really a KGB agent? Did the Easter Bunny kill Santa Claus??

    ye gods, and it's not even "friday night he's obviously drunk" night :roll:.
  9. I dont know about JFK but in my opinion I do not believe a plane struck the pentagon I believe it was a missile due to the lack of passenger jet debris and the size and shape of the impact zone.
  10. Don't know about all the conspiracy stuff. But interesting how the third WTC building went down. Especially since nothing touched it :shock: .

    As for terrorism. I posted some stuff a while back on how there was actually far more terrorism back in the late 70's thru to the 80's. Hijacking was much more frequent, bombings and assasinations. We all lived at survived.

    Don't see how much has changed, except they love to keep us living in an environment of fear!

    Given all the holes in security we've seen in the media time and time again, if terrorism was a present threat, we would have been done over many times by now.
  11. Does it really fcuking matter? Don't get sucked into those manipulative reports that people post on the internet, nothing but bias information attacking the American government....then again, its the American government, whos gives a toss about what they think?
  12. Im at work and im sober thanks.

    Discussing and maybe questioning major events in our history doesnt mean that you are a crackpot conspiracy theorist
  13. In 70's and 80's, there were no internet instructions on how to build a nuclear bomb. These days, you can build one if you can get the right materials. Hence the increased level of fear... the little boy next door to your house could be building a fuel/air bomb right now....
    Terrorism is not BS, it really does exist. Too many innocent people have been killed by these mindless fanatics for your argument that "terrorism is BS" to have any value. Many Aussies were killed in Bali for instance. Need i say anything else?
  14. To me it does, the actions that resulted from that event (war, privacy reduction) have changed our world already.
  15. yes, stump came up with 10,000 reasons why this was rubbish before it even sinked in


    im going to consider it [yes i washed my pain killer down with scotch tonight, back off ok!]

    ok, b4 i consider it i will tell you this. those towers were held up using a tight cable system. got to the building nxt to the state library in wynyard syd. the desing has them on the outside.

    after many buildings went up, archtechs worried about how they would go coming down. no one know if those cables would fly around like a hose with too much water pressure.

    building number whatever was most likely struck by a tower [edit] i mean cable


    i will check that out. tis possible you're refering to a graphic image.

    also [to fuel your fire] i dont think they found the remains of the plane that went into the pentigon

  16. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"
    The terrorists made a mistake by attacking the WTC and pentagon on that day. They woke up a sleeping giant, and now they are being hunted down the world over. It only takes one nuke to start the next world war. One. Like i said before, get off the weed.
  17. Wow. Hear of the lockerbie bombing, IRA, PLA etc. etc. ? Do some history my friend. I know they don't cover much these days in our education system.

    As for building bombs. Get real. The engineering requirements to come even close exceed the capabilities of all but the superpowers.

    But if it makes you happy, paint your windows white and duck and cover :LOL:
  18. :LOL: you people wouldn't recognise irony if it handed you its card in the street :shock:

    there were only two WTC buildings :rofl:......
  19. no mate there were 7 wtc plaza buildings, but only 2 towers, and building 7 fell about 1 hour after the 2nd tower fell.

    and yes you can call me paranoid if you want but how did the towers fall when they were specifically designed to take plane impacts (it was in the origional architects brief)

    and as to the pentagon, why was there not one single piece of debris found, not even one of the engines, and then in very short order the whole place was covered in tons of topsoil and gravel.

    i am not claiming that america did it to itself, but there is definately something fishy going on.
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