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Does anyone commute from Campbelltown to City in peak hour?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toefa, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Still looking to move out towards campbelltown to save some money, and we're wondering if anyone does the ride everyday?

    We'd need to get in the city at about 8am and leave around 5-5:30pm.

    Is it a stupid move?
  2. If you're riding into the city, and you lane-split/filter then you shouldn't have too horrible a time coming from most areas.

    If you're in a car and commuting into Sydney city, just stab yourself repeatedly in the face with a garden trowel and send half a week's pay to TollAust, for a preview of what it will be like.
  3. LOL that's true!

    I guess we could handle commuting a hour each way... it's just a tough decision to make :?

    Was hoping someone would step up and say they commute from out west to city each day and it isn't that bad....
  4. I commute from the north, and in peak hour it takes an hour - its about 33kms each way, so an average of 30kmh in peak :( Can do it easily in 40 minutes though when the car tide is low.

    Pretty much, in by car would suck. I do regularly see a guy do the city commute in his Ferrari though, props to him.
  5. How much money will you save??

    I have travelled the M5 from Bankstown towards the airport at 630am and its a shit fight, crawls from bankstown to Botany, and the same home the East Distributor and Southern Cross Drive, then the M5 East tunnel, I hope you love traffic and tolls...

    I reckon your saving would soon be worthless with additional fuel/time/toll costs.
  6. G'day TWEET, I'd say we'd save around $650 per month before taking into consideration the extra fuel and maintenance costs. But, although we would be paying less rent, we'd be able to get a small house for the money and that would mean a SHED!!!!

    And for at least the next 2 years the M5 toll is refundable (i think).

    Well im using this thread to create an unbias pros and cons list so keep them coming :)
  7. Re: Does anyone commute from Campbelltown to City in peak ho

    I have mates who do, the ones who work shift work are OK, but those that work business hours leave home at 5 almost the speed limit... to Beverly Hills, then slow to the city... leave home at 6 and it is a carpark the whole way...

    it is the same from about 3:30 in the afternoon all the way to Campbeltown road... and it isn't just that it is slow, it is a freak show... not good for splitting, 'cause there are cars going everywhere...

    The train is a joke...

    Do some more research, because the prices out there aren't really much better than some other areas now, but you will get a 10yo house instead of a 35yo house... or buy, save save save, and move somewhere closer and on the trainline...

  8. Well, I think we are now going to look somewhere else.... we were really hesitant about moving to Campbelltown which is why we wanted some of your thoughts...

    Thanks for your replies guys :)
  9. I just wouldnt want to spend up to 4 hours in a car for the privelage of going to work!
  10. We'd be on the bikes, but yeah... the traffic would still make the trip suck.
  11. I guess maaaayyyybe some people would say it's a privilege but it's a bit of a chore for me :p
  12. Ok I rode from Liverpool to Mascot for a couple of years I now ride from Liverpool to Stacey street before heading north.

    After about 6.00 it's pretty much stop-start from brooks road at Ingleburn all the way in. Some mornings you get a good run as far as Queen Street at Revesby, but that is rare these days.

    Most riders use the service lane, but do so at your own peril.

    Once you get to the tunnel, you can't use the service lane.

    Try the e lane without a pass (hint, hint).

    My guess from Campbelltown to city centre (arriving 8), would be closer to 1 1/2 hrs rather than 1.

    Saving over a car would be negligible in terms of cost. High k's, parts and devaluation bring it back. don't forget to consider replacing all your riding gear every couple of years.

    Train would be the cheapest and the east hills line is actually pretty quick. I caught it the other week from Macarthur to the quey the other week and it was only something like 42 minutes.
  13. I live at M5 and M7 intersection. Frankly $3.80 to park my car forget it. I did it before and it use to take me an hour.

    Now days I drive in it takes me the same time if I go via Hume Hwy/Parra Rd and it doesn't cost me. I move along at a steady rate so it's not all bumper to bumper. Riding takes even less time.
  14. good threadromance.

    PS that's pretty much where I live.
  15. move to japan! seriously. OUR transportation network sucks balls.
  16. If you don't mind me asking where are you moving from ??? Campbelltown may be cheap but it is certainly not the nicest place to live in !!
  17. some parts of c'town are very nice. airds, etc. but seriously, kentlyn & leumeah heights, grasmere and around cobbity...
  18. or claymore.
  19. if you worked around there, id say go for it. But you don't, so i wont.
  20. Guys the last post by this guy on Netrider was Feb 2009. You're posting to static.