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Does Anyone Chain Up Their Bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enforcer, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. I'll be riding into the city more now for work purposes but when ever I park my bike in the city it's always on my mind that some kent will steal it.

    I have a disc lock but with all the receent threads about bikes being stolen, even with disc locks, I am now thinking of bringing a chain to padlock it to something.

    I've seen Peter Stevens sell bike chain locks but I've never actually seen anyone use it. I was going to just buy another disc lock to put on each wheel but all these reports/threads about how they just carry the bike is concerning.

    Does anyone chain their bike up?
  2. Only if i am unfamiliar with the area and it appears suspect. I carry one of the fairly light Kriptonite cable locks in my backpack.
  3. well a chain is useless unless you've got something to chain it to. When i park in public i've never seen something i could lock to. So if your just going to loop it through the wheel then its really no better than a disc lock.

    on the other hand, if there is a pole or something you can lock to then yeah go for it.
  4. I chain all 4 of my bikes together and to a shed girder at night, but I don't carry a chain when riding, just a Xena alarm disc lock. At work I am lucky to have either an underground private carpark or an aircraft hanger to use, depending where I am.

    The disk lock will discourage the casual thief, but not the determined one. Fortunately the determined one usually needs time to plan his crime, so unless you are parking in the same place regularly, a disk lock is probably enough most of the time when away from home.
  5. I chain my bike to a pole wherever I park it for more than 5 mins.

    At work I chain it to the 2 hour parking sign on the footpath. I guess if someone was really determined it would be easier to cut through the pole but that would make a lot of noise and draw attention. I also make sure to run the chain through the bike's frame rather than the front wheel.

    I'm also fitting it with an alarm / immobiliser in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid about my bike being stolen but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
  6. yeah its the casual parking in the city where you have problems. If you always have the same spot then you can install one of those ground anchors or something but if just in the street it might be harder.
  7. I chain my bike to a pillar in my garage at home
    but in the city I park in a car park & therefore don't chain it at all.

    I will be installing an alarm in the Hornet.
  8. I just use a disc-lock..

    and faith.....
  9. I think I'll do what you do AFX. My bike maybe old and scratched up on the right but it's my bike and that's how I want to keep it.

    Also I'll most likely be parking in the same area all the time so that wont help.
  10. my bike looks ratty. i park it next to bmws and augustas. that's my security measure.
  11. I just use disc lock, but then I'm thinking/hoping my bike's not valuable enough to be a target.
  12. I just use the steering lock on the bike.

    Anyone who's going to lift that to load it onto a trailer has to do the same with a disc-lock anyway.

    If you're going to chain your bike up - invest in a good padlock.
    No, padlocks from Bunnings do not fall into this category. They can be defeated pretty quickly.

    Try and get a good Lockwood one with at least 5 pins - and if possible one of those weird shaped block ones that it would be really hard to knock open with a hammer.

    You'll probably want one of those insulated bolt-cutter proof[ish] steel security cables - as for their strength they're much lighter than a chain, and the rubber coating means you won't scratch your bike OR do damage to whatever it's being tied to [which could be somebody's objection].
  13. We use disc locks.
  14. + 1, especially since neither my petrol tank cap or steering can be locked.
  15. Thinking I'm going to get a disc lock, would you guys suggest two? And also I'm getting a chain for home/suspect areas.
  16. i use the steering lock, the 'hiss' security feature that is on the 900 and in addition, when i'm away from the bike, say at tafe, put a 'kryptonite' type chain through the back wheel and the ventura rack.
  17. Thinking I'm going to get a disc lock, would you guys suggest two? And also I'm getting a chain for home/suspect areas.
  18. When I used to work in Camberwell, I would chain the front wheel to a parking sign pole. I have a Kryptonite chain lock which I used to always carry with me. I don't worry about it anymore as I have special secure parking the few times I get to ride, otherwise I can pretty much always see it.
  19. just steering lock and a disc lock.

    If they are determined enough to steal your bike, they will. thats why i have insurance.

    i was going to get the Xena alarm disclock but it didnt fit my disc's >.<

    also looking into getting an alarm.

    the more deterrants the better, but in they end like i said, if they want it, they will get it.
  20. Motorcycles should always be chained up.
    ...and muzzled.

    Dontcha know they're dangerous???? :twisted:

    Be a responsible bike owner and tie the damn thing up before it chases another bike or, even worse: an innocent child, down the street.