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Does anyone care!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Katbird, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. I need a boost from my fellow human beings!

    Was driving home from work today along a busy road (3 lanes of traffic either way). Suddenly my direction of traffic stopped beside me and me too. A mother duck was guiding her three little ducklings across the line of traffic. She safely made it past my line of traffic. We all frantically flsahed our lights to the on coming traffic in the hopes that they would take off slowly from the lights as the mother duck guided them across the next lanes of on coming traffic. I had to turn around to check they were safely across.
    Unfortunately mother and all three babies were cleaned up by the other 3 lanes of traffic.

    It broke my heart. Our wildlife has so much to contend with. I cannot believe that car drivers alone do not look further than 2 metres in front of them. What a sad waste.

    I need to know do people look out for fellow creatures on this planet or are we all in such a rat race that all we care about are our lives and safety? :cry:
  2. Hello Kat

    From my own personal point of view,We always have taught our 2 kids to be kind and gentle with all animals no matter the size or type.
    Never approach them if you dont know them.
    Never hit.kick,throw or do anything like that.
    If you see a distressed animal get help for it.
    Myself I slow or stop so long as it is safe for myself and family to do so if there is a wee beastie in the line of my vehiicle as personal safety must always come first.

    So I gues there are some of us that do care for our lower food chain counterparts.
  3. Oh, my sweet friend! This is so true to your heart!
    Katbird rehabilitates wildlife in her own time (after slaving all day in our Vet Practice.) Some people do care sweetie... each person like you makes a difference. Chin up..... you are a good soul.
  4. We quite often have to stop to let possums, wombats (yes Loz, we stop for them :LOL: ) turtles, blue tongues, echidnas etc cross and hope they reach the other side safely.

    I must admit to trying not to avoid the snakes though :?
  5. Yes I'd be more worried about the wellbeing of my car/bike than some animal crossing the road.
    & yes I so care more about my life & safety, and rightly so (if thats the Q you're asking).
  6. hey katbird sorry to hear bout this. but there is hope in the world - we have a noted koala tree near my place which is on an island right in the middle of a busy intersection. i often see cars slow down and let the koala cross. i've also seen people stop and get out and direct traffic around the koala.

    this afternoon at central train station - a train driver blew his horn to alert a pigeon that was walking on the tracks - trains NEVER normally do this in central station.....

    i've also been in a car in the middle of western queensland when the driver stopped to let a blue-tongue lizard cross the road - middle of nowhere and it took 20 minutes........

    there is hope while there are people like u in this world.
  7. I saw a mindless nerk behind me clean up a duck and a duckling on the F6 some years ago. I'd slowed (from 110kph) and driven round her, this robot just drove straight over the top of her....... Sometimes you can't miss'em (eh Loz?) but if you can without endangering yourself or others, I don' see what you shouldn't.

    And I'll never forget waiting on the side of the road for Tim (FJ1100) to turn up on the Three Points Ride. Where was he? He'd stopped to right a turtle who'd turned turtle (sorry :p) in the middle of the road.....
  8. My mum rescues abused donkeys of all things, lol. She would go nuts if she saw someone do something as callous as that.
  9. So cars in the oncoming lanes just took off from the lights and ran over the duck and it's ducklings?? Or was it flowing traffic that the duck wandered into? Either way it's really sad. I always look out for animals.
  10. Either way, the ducks werent where they belonged & suffered the consequences.
  11. i like animals more than most people, especially my dogs they rock.
    people are asses
  12. Yep
    I will ,would & have stopped
    to move animals of the road

    Everyone is in so much of a hurry


    where ever you are going
    the building wont just get up and move away
    & persons will be there when you arrive Safely

    i said that to the 35 other riders i was with yesterday :grin:

    ( and Damn was'nt it Windy :shock: )
  13. You're just baiting aren't you. If your not, well, one day you'll be where you dont belong, bet you'll wish for compassion then.
  14. Like the guy up near Shepparton quite a number of years ago who swerved to miss mother duck and ducklings only to hit a tree and die.

    If safe to do so, I will yield, otherwise, soorry, I have kids who want their father home.
  15. Yep. I'll stop or slow if I can. Last week I stopped in the middle of a country road near Oyen and used hazard lights and headlights to make sure a convoy of 4WDrivers noticed the malley fowl wandering across the road. Having seen the way it wandered across oblivious to traffic, I'm not at all surprised they are endangered.

    It was strange. We'd just been camping at Wyperfeld NP and I had been telling SO about the time thirty years ago when I was part of a group doing some population studies research in the park, and we'd spent a week looking unsuccessfully for malley fowl. And one just wanders out in front of us.
  16. Thanks so much guys and gals. I feel better knowing that people do look out for others. we are not the only species on this planet and who is to say that the wildlife are in the wrong place. Are we in the right place???

    As a bike rider i remeber in my early days being told that you are always reading the road at least 50 metres in front of you not the bitumen that is directly in front of you. The cars that slaughtered these creatures were at a stand still at the lights.

    I can understand lookin after the safety of oneself for friends and family , in particular. But shouldn't we see these things before we are on top of them. Again there are the ones we can't miss when they kamikazi :shock: into our path but this incident was not one of those.

    I appreciate the support and love hearing that you all look out for wildlife. Thanks again. Keep the comments coming as it is reassuring to know that my labour of love is not in vein. :)
  17. I travel a lot between Melbourne and Eildon so have the mobile number for Animal Rescue in my phone just in case........

    The worst part of the trip is all those bloody bike riders hooning around...... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I have a rule never to swerve when driving or riding to avoid an animal, as it nearly always ends up worse for everyone. The exception is a wombat, as it is never better to hit them . . .

    However, I always slow or stop if I can, and will stop in traffic to block other drivers, and prevent them running over native animals. With the recent fires animals have been on the move, and I have had to stop twice to let echidnas cross the road in front of me. I could have just gone around them, but by stopping, others know something is on the road earlier.

    If there was time I would have gotten out of the car and shepherded them across the road safely. I've done that before. Most drivers actually appreciate when you do that, I've found. I guess I'm just a softy. :grin:
  19. Bait away! but as I said 'are we in the right place?'
  20. yep, I recon we are in the right place, we are just f :shock: ing it up