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VIC does anyone actually pay eastlink speed tax?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MONKEYMAN, Mar 13, 2011.


Do you pay your Eastlink fines ?

Poll closed Apr 12, 2011.
  1. nope, ****em

    7 vote(s)
  2. yes sir !

    1 vote(s)
  3. why not, i'm loaded, just speed tax

    2 vote(s)
  4. burn them, BURN THEM ALL !!!

    14 vote(s)
  1. ?
    so i'm just curious, should i bother paying or just forget about it ?three times i've used gaylink this year and aprox two weeks after each trip i get a speeding fine. wellington rd bridge twice and some other bs one.
    it's well known their cameras are dodgy, with even a cop contesting a fine from one; and i believe a separate court room has been put asside (in Ringy?) just to deal with gaylink fines.

    the first fine i copped was from a trip back from Rye on Chrissy day 3pm, so yes just after Christmas lunch the freeway heading home was littered with drunks. seriously ridiculous. so i pretty much chose the tact of blasting through them and getting them well behind me, for my own safety. honestly i just kept comming up to cars that could'nt pick a lane and stay in it, so that was my safest option. apparently they don't care about drunk drivers at all, only interested in taxing you for more than 2k over the limmit.i got a ridiculously expensive fine for that effort.

    now i was going to cop that fine on the chin and just pay it. but then i used gaylink twice again this year, each time i was extremely cautious and stayed under the limmit, having allready learned my lesson.
    but no, they don't care, the just taxed me again anyway, twice. with two further fines for each trip. no, theres nothing wrong with my speedo and i was'nt overtaking or going faster than anyone.
    these fines were 5ks over fines after alleged discretion.

    so anyway, i don't need this shit, so i just posted a letter with the fines they sent me enclosed, telling them where to put them. explaining i don't have the money to pay them and even if i did they could still shove it. best i could offer them was a promise never to use their stupid road again, plus other assorted bullshit like volunteering to work in a refuge for stray kittens and stuff.

    i am curious though, is it just me, or does anyone actually pay these ****ers?

    poll incl for annonimity
  2. In before the righteous...

    That sir is GOLD!! love ya work Monkeyman
  3. I use it regularly and have never been fined... May or may not help that my ventura bag obscures my number plate... :D
  4. Wasn't a fan of bags on bikes, until I read that....
  5. have you got a route tracker?

    like "80km/h heading west on ____ road" etc?

    might help to get one, or borrow one, record trip and then see if you get anything then, and can take them to court. or just a camera pointed at speedo and road.
  6. Only works for over head/pole mounted cams - I chopped the rear fender and lifted the plate right up under the tail light...
  7. I don't use Eastlink anymore. They started sending me nasty 'account suspension' letters saying that my credit wasn't above the 'minimum threshold'. In other words... I was in credit, but not enough apparently. Then when I boycotted them, my credit started mysteriously disappearing from my account even when I wasn't using it.

    So I decided to officially close my account... Only took 5 months of emailing back and forth to get them to finally concede that I had in fact requested many times that it be closed.

    They never even sent me anything to confirm that it had been done. I had to attempt to login online to confirm that my account had indeed been shut down.

  8. An interesting take on speed fines. Be good to hear the outcome, whether they took your to court or not.
  9. They won't need to:
    Unpaid fine = unregistered bike (can't renew) = mucho trouble at the next cop stop.
  10. New to the forum so not sure if ya just takin the piss or not OP,but Eastlink arent the ones who issue speeding fines,so not much point writing them a letter really....
  11. good point, letter was to civic compliance.
    re: fines were from use of gaylink and those cameras are dodgy. so do i still have to pay them ?
    and phoenix rising is correct btw, unpaid fines = considered unregistered and unregistered = suspended licence.

    i will have to work out a payment plan with civic compliance once i have exhausted my payment extensions.

    the gaylink camera fines genuinely are getting heavilly contested. one women won in court after she was able to prove her POS car could'nt possibly reach 100kph. then again, most lose in court.
    the first fine i recieved was deserved, fair or not, i did speed. but subsequent ones i'd swear i was'nt speeding, paradoid of their cameras. i don't even concentrate on what i'm doing, i'm just looking at my speedo and scanning for cameras watching me.
    i do think the promise not to use gaylink again ever, is a fair offer and a reasonable solution. a win win. i use plenty of other highways/freeways far more often than gaylink and never recieve fines for them. this too was expressed in the letter.
  12. yes i am stuffed.
    but they should still burn in hell.
  13. you will have a while to wait


    SO many motorists are contesting speeding fines from EastLink cameras that a special court is being set up to handle them.

    Dandenong Magistrates' Court will have two sessions a week dedicated to hearing hundreds of contested speed camera cases from the controversial EastLink fixed cameras.

    Many of the motorists contesting their fines at Dandenong Court were snapped doing 108km/h.

    They will argue it is highly unlikely so many would have been travelling at exactly 8km/h over the limit, so the cameras must be faulty.

    A female police officer is among the 1289 motorists in the past year who have chosen to contest their EastLink fines in court.
  14. thanks for that link Lilley, you ****ing rock man !
    that's EXACTLY what i'm talking about !
    around my way it's like everybody knows someone who's getting unnexpected fines from eastlink. including people who just put on the cruise control on the fwy

    quote" If a magistrate rules the cameras might be faulty, it could pave the way for every motorist snapped by them to contest their fines - or claim a refund if they have already paid the penalty" :woot:
  15. I don't use Eastlink precisely because of this. We've got a fleet of work vehicles that use the road many times a day, they're equipped with GPS that's aware of the camera locations AND we hammer into the staff that the cameras are there and to travel WELL under the limit when passing them.

    The Wellington Rd camera still accounts for almost 90% of the fines we receive on those vehicles and almost always for the same speed. 109km/h detected, down to 106.
  16. And that's exactly why the f*ckers will never concede that they're faulty. They'll find a way to screw you and all the others contesting their fines just so there's no precedent for the cameras to be successfully challenged.

    They have to think of the kittens.
  17. i've got two for the wellington road bridge, a 107kph and a 108kph.

    i'm going to blow up the hotel and decapitate the bird, then take a sledgehammer to the ellipsoids or whatever the **** they are.
  18. With all due respect matey,its been a well know fact where the cams are on Eastlink and we've all heard of the hundreds of people who had their cruise control set to 100kmh and still recieved fines! Ive always played it safe myself and when i get to the bridge/s where the cams are i sit on 90 for a hundred metres or so then i get back up it! Regardless,i hope you get ya shit sorted out and dont have to pay,but the nanny state will want their speed tax from you and will spend tens of thousands of our tax payer dollars in court to get it!
  19. nothing to see here