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Does anybody suffer from glove dyslexia?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Scientists find cause of glove dyslexia

    Most people are familiar with dyslexia, a reading impairment characterised by the inability to distinguish spatial relationships between letters and words. Less well know, however, is the troubling condition known as glove dyslexia. People who suffer from glove dyslexia seem to be unable to distinguish between a left-hand motorcycle glove and a right-hand motorcycle glove, resulting in frustration, embarrassment, and in severe cases sprained fingers.

    In the words of one man afflicted with glove dyslexia, "you just feel like a bit of a dill, you know?" Symptoms are intermittent, and in many cases the glove dyslexic individual can put gloves on correctly if they pay sufficient attention. But when the condition flares up it can result in ugly scenes, with little fingers caught painfully in the thumb hole of the glove. Sufferers complain of crushing blows to self confidence and their sense of self worth.

    In a recent breakthrough a scientist who has been studying the phenomenon announced that he has found one possible cause of glove dyslexia, raising the hopes of countless glove dyslexics around the world.

    "It's all about the velcro," the scientist explained. Apparently, the breakthrough came when one man who had recently contracted glove dyslexia noted that he had never suffered the humiliating condition previously, despite regularly wearing many kinds of gloves. "He had been wearing gloves for weight lifting, gloves for bicycling, and even heavy winter gloves for the snow, all without once suffering glove dyslexia. Then when he took up motorcycling the glove dyslexia hit!"

    A study of the other gloves owned by the glove dyslexic man showed that in every other type of glove the velcro fasteners were located on the back of the glove. Not so with the motorcycle gloves, which had their velcro fasteners on the inside of the wrist.

    "So what happened was," the scientist went on to explain, "this man would undo the velcro fastener and automatically try to insert his hand into the glove with the velcro to the outside of his wrist, just like with all his other gloves!" The end result, of course, was the tragedy of glove dyslexia. When we spoke with the sufferer he was having splints removed from the little fingers of both hands. "Yeah, yeah... I mean, it's great! Now that I know this awful disease has a cause I know that there is a way to fight back. It's really given me hope."

    Let us hope that this discovery will help those with glove dyslexia to overcome their disability and ride without shame (or sprained fingers), with the right glove on the right hand, every time.
  2. Is there key dyslexia? I'm forever trying to open my car door with the bike key...
  3. What about the gloves that have Velcro across the inside and another one on the outside
  4. Guilty. iv done that a few times, its the bike..... 'calling' me :LOL:
  5. No, but I do suffer from gloves on hands, keys in pocket syndrome occasionally...
  6. I've heard people talk about this kind of problem.. I dont understand.
    Do you have
    a) very small pockets
    b) HUGE gloves
    c) Poorly developed fine motor skills typicaly developed when 3yrs old?

    I often put gloves on before doing all kinds of stuff like undoing pockets, putting contents into gearsac, putting on helmet etc etc - I've never found them restrictive at all....
  7. ~DadAgain~ wrote
    it took me a while to get the helmet on when i had both my gloves on. just a noob thing i guess.
  8. I generally wear draggin's, of which the pockets are fairly small and tight to stop things from falling out. I actually don't have a problem getting my keys out with my summer gloves, but the winter ones are a bit more of an issue...
  9. I'd guess that statistically 50% less complaints occur for glove dyslexics with those gloves. :)
  10. When I was flying PC9's one of our mates wrote on his gloves "Left" and "Right" and on his skull cap(the cotton liner that some people wear under their flying helmets) he had "front" and "back". It was a bit of a joke but the skull caps were a little hard to distinguis which way round they were.

    We normally had a ground crew guy standing by the aircraft to act as fire guard on startup and to marshall us out and they would be standing nearby as the pilots strapped in and suited up. The looks on their faces as a bloke was strapping into a $3 million dollar sports car of an airplane with "Left", "Right", "Front" and "Back" written on his gear was priceless.
  11. Dear Ali

    You, sir, are a clown.

  12. Certainly - but thankfully a fairly funny one!
  13. I try to open everything with my bike key.

    I dont get left and right either. I always say left. gotta be correct 50% of the time left? er i mean right.
  14. Now, now... all those quotes were anonymous.

    Bugger... surprisingly hard to type with sprained fingers...
  15. Which gloves do dyslexics put on first? left or right?