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Does anybody know what's happened to bikesales.com.au

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mikek, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Basically what the subject says, does anyone know whats happened to bikesales.com.au? I've been trying to load the site since yesterday and get an error everytime. Any else having problems or know whats going on with it?

  2. Had the same problems last night.

    good to know it's not just me.
  3. Yep, it's down.

    Probably been overloaded by all the people we've pinged off from trying to free adverts here :LOL:.
  4. Me too, and I'm trying to advertise my bike there. Higher price there, of course. Only special price for fellow NRs :wink:
  5. It's been like that for a while. I find it partially loads and then has problems. Possibly they're trying to push people over to www.bikepoint.com.au since the two merged.
  6. possibly....

    i lways found bike a sales "nicer" site to use though. Search options are a lot better too.

    bike point also seems to have a larger percentage of businesses rather than private sellers though.
  7. Bikesales actually bought out bikepoint so it's probably not that. :wink:
  8. Just tried it and no problems here, loaded up perfectly

  9. It's working for me too now! Maybe they were just fixing something. Although it seemed to go on for a while.

    EDIT: Ah, but they're still working on the seller's section.
  10. transfer to new server?

    the message i got was the server refused connection

    database transfer may have taken a while
  11. "Rumour" has it that they were actually hacked, and the 'hackers' changed heaps of the ads to bogus descriptions & phone numbers etc.
  12. I love bikesales, so much better than bikepoint, better searching and no clogged up with dealers like sumoto selling 100 different cbrs for the same price.
  13. There was an upgrade done on the server. It's up and running now.

  14. aha I was right! :p
  15. Yeah, but can you make my D3V14 Merlot clone perform? :rofl:
  16. Yep, thanks guys, it's working for me now too.. Now all I need is for some people to start selling their bikes...

  17. I'm sorry you've lost me?
  18. Merlot....as in WINE....from Vinyards. He wants it to perform!!! :LOL:

    i got it Yak!! :grin:
  19. bikesales is down again