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Does anybody know a good drink-driving lawyer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by firefling, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Any recommendations? Not for me, you won't see me near a car if I think I've got an ounce of booze in me. Just a mate of a mate sort of thing. Melbourne area?

  2. Nup, all of the ones I know don't drive after drinking.

    Yellowpages. Seriously, just remember, the bigger the firm and the more $$ you pay, the higher the chance of success. Ofcourse there are exceptions, but thats the general trend.
  3. no such thing !
  4. QC Galbally, just make sure you front up with a winning Tatts ticket.
  5. Which state? If you are talking Victoria the chances of success are incredibly slim as the legislation has tightened all the old 'loopholes', including all the old bond provisions up to .1 that are now gone. The penalties are also mandatory so no joy there regardless of how much your mate of a mate of a mate needs his licence!

    I hate to say it but the simplest way to avoid a drink drive charge, is simply to not do it in the first place! If he has a high reading or previous history (or worse both!) then he is especially not looking good. In that instance a good solicitor (or barrister if he can afford one!) may keep him out of jail but that is about it.
  6. Well hellooo!!! (Apart from say_wat) I asked if anybody knew one, not the penalty for it nor whether it's done or not. Sheesh, what state? You don't suppose that last bit "Melbourne area?" could give you a tiny bit of indication of where the offence occurred?
  7. Contact the Law Society - they will give you a list of lawyers who specialise in that area.
  8. In this day and age how could your friend....................

    hahahaha, sorry it was there for the taking.

    Most pubs and bottle shops have business cards of legal people that are able to assist in .05 cases.

    Maybe try there? or

  9. At last! Some helpful posts and advice, cheers TonyE and vic :)

    And haha, very funny vic.. :p My mate asked me for any recommendations, I'm just helping him, not the offender. :)
  10. Yeah, actually it does now that I have read that rather than your location! My fault! Okay try here then http://www.drinkdrivinglawyer.net/ and you could also try the one given above and there are numerous other barristers who specialise such as Brendan Murphy http://www.vicbar.com.au/bp.aspx?RollNumber=944 and others. If you read the site of Paul Reynolds I give above note that he is giving the same advice that I was trying to do and here it is again in a more succint fashion, "These days to defeat a drink driving charge in Victoria you have to find an error in police procedure." I am not trying to be a smart arse, just being realistic and pointing out that your 'mate' is well and truly up against it re his chance of success and may well spend huge sums of money for nothing, though I guess that is ultimately up to him.
  11. Yep, thanks, gave that to my mate already

    Cheers again!

    I know, but again, he's not my mate and if he wishes to spend huge sums of money after he's done that stupid of drink-driving and killing somebody in the process, it's his perogative. I'm just helping my mate who doesn't want to see him in jail.

    Personally, I reckon he should fry (for a while) and spend the amount of money towards society (eg donate to paramedics, AA groups, victim groups, the family of the deceased etc etc). I have no sympathy for people who make that sort of stupid decision and affect others. Bit sorry for the deceased, life cut short and all.

    But thanks again for the recommendations, I've passed them on. :)
  12. Umm... I'm not too sure as to whether you can directly engage a barrister without having a referral from a solicitor who will brief them first (unless you have a mate) because it's not the convention.

    try the Law Institute of Victoria website referral service:


    You can write your own referral letters (up to 3 for the same matter) and participating firms will give you a 1/2 hour interview without charge. There's also a search function to find lawyers who specialise.
  13. Wow, sarcasm seems to produce instant results. :shock:

    Thanks clairebear, but I've sent the links on to my friend. I read through the link on the drinkdrivinglawyer.net and it's says how to contact him.
    Whatever the procedure, it's now up to my friend and the offender to work out.
  14. Just make sure he has the essentials:

  15. Don't forget the toothbrush! :LOL:
  16. Top shot Loz