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Does any one here have a track bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lordtb, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Does any one here have a race bike? like a specific bike for taking on the track only... or a bike that they swap the fairings over from road to track fairings?? if so what bike?? and are you in a club or some thing??

    I'm thinking of taking my VFR on a track.. But I would feel more confident on a sports bike of some sort... perhaps one actualy fixed up for racing...
  2. I have my R6. I'm getting the most out it of as a commuter/tourer/general thrasher. It'll graduate to my track bike in a few years.

    I'm thinking of getting a secondhand race bike purely for track thrashing, trying to get mates interested.
  3. I have a road VFR400 and a track one. Ilike to keep the road example pristine, but the main reason I bought one for the track was because I wanted to heavily modify it, and these bikes are not so roadable after lots of breathing mods etc.

    I wouldn't hesitate to take the road bike onto the track, but i know that I wouldn't ride at over 95% capability, and what is the fun in that?

    I think that I have made the right choice now, as I couldn't have learnt the amount of racecraft (?) that I have with the track bike. You can find cheap track bikes if you look in the right places.

    In action:

    Road bike:

    You don't need to be in a club, Winton (Vic) has open sessions most Fridays, you usually get 6x20 minute sessions for about $100.
  4. I have a ZXR636 That I fit the raceglass to.
    What did you want to know?
  5. Winton for $100.. Hmm I think I'll take a day of work :)

    Cammo how's the VFR400?? I have heard they go better than some of the new bikes on track?? Is there a different class for them?? I'm interested in the VFR400 as I'll be making a set of Race fiberglass farings for a mate... so I might as well make one for my self... though I was thinking of getting a R6 or ZX6R and making up farings for them...
  6. Basicaly what bike clesses are there...

    Where and how much...

    Do people race or just go for the track days...

    What are the popular bikes on the track...

    I have a mate with a VFR400 (he just bought it) and he wants to take it on track... so I'm thinking I'll do thesame... since I can whip up race glass any time...
  7. I'm not going to open up a can of worms here and say they are faster than [insert late model bike here] (although I would like to...). It all comes down to rider ability but they sure aren't lacking in the right hands, and the small V4 has a smooth linear powerband, making it much easier to ride on the edge. All of the 4-stroke 'supersport' 400's are a hoot on the track.

    Mine is a track bike I don't race it, but there is a class for them in Oz:

    Lordtb: For a wealth of information on all 400cc matter this site is a must: