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Does A Hole In My Belly Pan Matter For Ec?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by zx9er, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Herrow,

    I've got a track day coming up and I'm wondering if the hole I put in my belly pan getting it onto a trailer will catch the scrutineers attention? Is there a chance they may tell me I cannot ride?

    On that matter will it matter if I leave the belly pan off the bike? I'm probably just going to scrape it again the next time I put it on the trailer.
  2. 100mph tape mate, aka cloth tape. Just cover it up, should be all good!!
  3. Inny or outy ?
  4. Inny
  5. Yer buggered then
  6. Why's dat?
  7. you can safety wire an outy
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  8. Wire? Why would I need to wire a fibreglass bellypan?
  9. How big's the hole? They don't require a belly pan per se (as in to catch oil) so I wouldn't have thought it a problem. Give them a ring - I'm sure they will let you know.
  10. The hole is about the size of a 20cent peice. Any idea of the best number to contact the scruitineer's on?
  11. just take it off
  12. It's only in racing where you need a belly pan capable of holding a set amount of oil. You'll be fine for a trackday.