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Does a Air condition De himidify air on heat cycle

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zbike, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Title says it all,
    Does your average reverse cycle air conditioner De humidify air on the heat cycle.
    I need low humididty warm air pumped into a sterile room

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to achive this.

    Also does anyone know if the air passes through exposed heating elements inside the AC Unit that could possible ignite flamable vapours in the air?
  2. Yes it does. Thats why during winter you get a dry throat and mouth if you keep the ducted heating or RC heating on all day. It's known as DRY heat according to my mother! lol
  3. wow thanks for the quick reply.
    My mum never let me run the AC cause of the electricty bill :(
  4. The answer to your second question is no.
  5. I'll buy some when it's finished growing. LMAO :LOL:
  6. lol
    post a review when you do envy-t :)
  7. LOL
    Drugs are bad mmmmmmkay
  8. +1, more thoughts exactly...
  9. Actually, the answers are:
    No. An air conditioner on cooling cycle only dehumidifies the air as water vapour condenses onto the cold element of the air conditioner inside your house. This is where the water that drips out of your air conditioner comes from: out of the air.

    On heating cycle the cold element of a reverse cycle air conditioner is outside, so any dehumidification happens outside, not inside.

    If the room is sealed when cold, and then you heat it with a reverse cycle air conditioner, then the resulting warm room will have less humidity than if the room was at the same temperature as a result of opening the window on a warm day. Of course, sealing a room means no fresh air, which is bad, since you could suffocate. Most ducted reverse cycle air conditioners introduce some percentage of fresh air due to this concern.

    If you wish to maintain a low humidity warm room with fresh air, you will need to use a dehumidifier, which is basically a small refrigerating air conditioner designed to remove water vapour from the air, rather than significantly cool a room. An alternative is to alternately run the reverse cycle air conditioner on cooling to reduce humidity, and heating to warm the room. An air conditioning company would be the people ask about that. It wouldn't be very efficient.

    Search for "dehumidifier" in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_conditioning

    There is no heating element inside a reverse cycle air conditioner, just a radiator that is used alternately as a condensor for heating, and an evapourator for cooling. The only potential ignition sources are the fan motor and any electrical switches etc. In an explosive environment, all electrical systems, including motors, need to be fully sealed to prevent ignition.

    Oh, and don't grow weed. It is bad for your health, wellbeing, and freedom.
  10. Most plants need a degree of humidity for good growth, I thought weed was in that category.

    To the OP what level of humidity are you aiming for? If it's a sterile room, then maybe the suppliers of the filtration equipment can give you some advice and/or pointers.
  11. Are you thinking of a Macguyver-style painting booth, Z?
  12. You need a low level of humidity completely dry is if it's grown and he's drying it out.... So I have heard.
  13. Dont need any fresh air supplied.
    As there is already a breathing system supplied.

    Im not growing weed btw.

    Dehumidifier might be the way to go,
    Or could try rigging up a heater to heat air after the cold cycle air conditioner.
  14. Tomato plants right?

    Now I am woried? Do you have human pet?
  15. as a barn yard solution based on the principles i have just read.

    Could i not put a relativly cold object in said room, on which vater will condense and therefore lessen the humidity.

    But then i have the problem of it being to cold. But still humididty is the bigger problem.

    Lol people its not anything illigal.

    It is a slightly mad scintific pursuit involving live plant tissue.
  16. Silica gel would do the trick. How big is the room? And does it need to be the whole room or could it be done inside a smaller enclosure?