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dodo of the week award

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Shamelessly borrowed from our local Ilawarra forum, a motorcyclist will be havign a nervous time after getting pinged on the uphill section of teh Macquarie Pass leading to the railway overpass.....

  2. lol. i dodo indeed.

    everytime i come up to a late model FORD, HOLDEN the drivers must think im nuts, because i peer intently into the windows to ensure there are no radios, or disco lights. with my tinted visor, it makes it doubly hard.

    i just dont risk it if i see one comin the other way.
  3. Ha silly bloke indeed, wasnt going fast enough!, hows a car keep up with a bike on those bends... and then into the pass... i think the cops must of been having thier fair or fun to catch him, or was he silly enough to stop, :LOL:
  4. No, the cops turned on the lights and siren as soon as he passed them, and pulled him over just after the railway overpass; he had no chance, beside they had his number plate....
  5. :roll: Silly boy
  6. thats called having a bad day !
  7. From the Mildura Independent.
    Partners collide, one hurt and car wrecked
    Sunday, 24 February 2008

    It all went horribly wrong for a Mildura couple who decided to go trail bike riding Saturday morning down on the flats near the Psyche Pumps.
    A man with a pillion passenger started off from a house in Benetook Avenue and were joined by the bike riders partner, who drove the family Holden Commodore behind them.
    The 38 year old woman driver told police later that she had decided to go out and watch her partner and his friend do some trail bike riding.
    But on the dirt stretch of road between Cureton Avenue and the old Psyche pumps a collision occurred.
    Police said that on a section of rough road, the bike had slowed but this was not anticipated by the woman driving the Commodore.
    As a result the car clipped the bike and caused a fall, with the pillion passenger being thrown clear.
    But the 38 year old trail bike rider was injured and received a broken ankle, broken rib and cuts and abrasions.
    He was taken to Mildura Base Hospital by ambulance.
    The woman driver was not hurt but after clipping the motor bike, the Commodore speared to the left and crashed into a tree about five metres off the road.
    The impact severely damaged the Commodore, which police described as a write-off.
    If injuring severely her partner was not enough for the woman, the visit back to the Police Station made her day worse.
    Given a breathalyser the woman was found to be twice the legal limit, and will be charged on summons with driving while under the influence of alcohol.
    The accident happened around 11am on Saturday.
    The pillion passenger was shaken up a bit but did not require medical treatment.

  8. Twice the legal limit!!! On a saturday morning!!!

    She musta been plastered the night before.....
    No insurance on that commodore, or for her partners injuries.... Silly woman....
  9. Speaking of Illawarra forums, I still haven't received a response to my request to join them! :)

    Really bad luck for that overtaking rider, but they've just gotta cop it sweet. Double white lines = sacrosanct.
  10. The simple fact is, under certain circumstances, double whites don't necessarily mean it's not safe to overtake. They're like all the other road laws; they're made to stop blind old nannas driving 1960s rattletraps from having to make decisions.

    On a quick bike with an alert rider, there's often plenty of room to safely overtake. This guy was just unlucky to do it in front of a rozzer.
  11. +1

    there are some roads in Adelaide that for weird reasons have double white lines, even though you can actually see clearly for 2-3 corners!
  12. I don't disagree, Loz. :)

    (Even if I am a bit itchy about d***heads and double-white-lines because of having to take drastic evasive action to, twice in the last three years, give some hero with a 'quick' vehicle room to VERY QUICKLY get back onto the my side of the road before they have a head-on collision. Needless to say I'm tired of that happening...)

    That said, I can think of much safer double-white areas to overtake than Macquarie Pass (suicide) and the 100kph road that approaches it.

    It's a risk-judgement, like many things. Unlucky, agreed.
  13. I don't know. I call that being a fcuking idiot who deserved it.
  14. Unfortunately because of those blind nannas that Loz mentioned, the options for all of us road-users to excercise our judgement are slowly being removed.

    Deserved it for what though?

    - Overtaking a cop?
    - Overtaking on doubles?
    - Riding without his licence/an unregistered vehicle?

    If it's safe to do so, I don't have a problem overtaking on doubles. I don't know Mac Pass, so I can't really comment on that situation.
  15. How is it a bad day when he brought this on himself? How about taking some personal responsibility for one's own actions. He made a decision to not have his licence on him. He made a decision to be riding an unregistered bike. He made a decision to overtake where he wasn't allowed to. Suck it up buddy. He is only in the shit because of his own poor judgement. Of all these things which some find excusable, how can anyone justify riding an unregistered and hence un-CTP'd bike. If he clobbers someone else in the group ride, is he going to personally pay compo to the other rider? So yeah, he was a fcuking idiot.
  16. Makes you wonder if the rider knew she'd been drinking when he asked her to follow him :-k
  17. Have to agree with you Greg.

    I ride every ride with a little voice in the back of my head telling me that if something goes pear-shaped, I don't have the option of blaming someone else. I take a lot of the "the driver pulled out in front of me" tales with the same grain of salt. How fast were you riding? Did you suddenly appear in a space where he had no reason to expect you to be?? etc etc.

    I posted this bloke as a dodo, and he is.

    He rode without his license; every wondered why he hadn't been riding for 12 months; perhaps he'd been suspended for 12 months??

    He rode with an unregistered bike. If it was his, he should have known. If it was his mate's, he should have asked.

    He overtook in a place in which, whether it is safe or not to pass, it is illegal to pass. Just 50 metres from where he was pulled over, two riders have died in the past 18 months. It's a real safe spot, yeah.

    And he was a dodo because anybody riding the Pass and planning on overtaking ANYWHERE should have enough nouse to check out the cars involved before gassing it.

    I might upgrade him to dodo of the month :LOL:.