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Dodo Mobile

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Anyone with Dodo for their mobile phone?

    Comments & complaints, listened to :)

  2. Feedback on www.whirlpool.net for dodo on braodband is baaad.

    Dodo offer "cheap" prices but sometimes they will have things like large flagfalls etc on calls, this pushes up your average price per minute.

    Dodo capped plans carry a very high per minute rate of $0.74 plus flagfall of $0.25. If we assume your average call is 3 minutes then this adds up to $2.47 or average per minute rate of $0.82. Given this then on their capped plan of $49.95 per month you would get 247 minutes.

    They also charge in 30 second increments so a 10 second call would cost you $0.62!

    You can look at the Telstra $49 3G cap and the rate is $0.80 per minute with $0.35 flag but you get $200 worth of calls and you can get an extra $50 per month of calls to Telstra mobiles.

    Given the same scenario as above then you would get 187 minutes talk time but if you call Telstra mobiles this then would increase to 230 minutes.

    Depending how much you spend I would also have a look at the Telstra 3G $20 plan with a free Motorola Razr you roam onto the GSM network so pretty good coverage. I think Crazy Johns have an offer with this at the moment and you also get a free prepaid Motorola phone as well.

    You get $15 included calls a Free phone and the rates are only $0.49 per minute plus $0.25 flagfall.

    Vic give me some idea of spends etc and I can have a look for you no problems. :grin:
  3. Matti, your email address gives away the fact that you just may biased ;) :p
  4. Hmmmmm,
    correct me if I'm wrong but haven't Dodo been advertising on TV recently that they have "halved"their prepaid rates. I can't remember what the exact rates were that flashed onto the screen but they were low enough for me to take notice and want to know more cos my credit on my phone has expired and Im thinking of switching to them, sms costs were also halved.
  5. Hey anyone can get that email it's public, now if it was xxxxx@[color=darkblue]team[/color].telstra.com that would be different!

    Yes I work for a telco! But jst trying to help out a mate, people often dismiss the larger telcos but sometimes they have some pretty good deals.

    Don't forget someone like Dodo boys from Telstra and/or Optus so you have margin on margin.

    Also Dodo are not that big so they dont have much buying power so to reduce costs they need to reduce things like service as this is very labour intensive.

    Anyway take of the suit of armour, I am happy to provice Vic an unbiased analysis it's waht I do for a job.
  6. I am on vodafone $49 cap at the moment.

    I use the phone heaps coz I can and it only costs me $49 a month.
    I dont go over the $230 call spend.
    I cannot get an accurate amount of talk time off my current vodafone account becuase as I said, phone people for the sake of it.

    I want the I-Mate JAMin pda phone and Dodo have it for $79 a month which includes their $29.90 cap plan.
    I realise that their calls costs are high though.

    I could go onto the $50 plan with vodafone and that will then cost me $90 a month for 2 years or $119 for 2 years on their $79 cap.

    I just want an I-Mate :evil: My palm pilot is gehy and I'm over carrying 2 devices around.

    Basically, i'll be doubling my monthly outlay and I didnt want to do that :(

  7. You are right.

    But on the prepaid plans they dont offer you a handset.
  8. Yeah there current ad up here states that. They make it look like an AA gathering or something with everyone confesses they are addicted to texting then a well endowed, asthetically pleasing, light haired, female gets up and says she is no longer addicted to text because call rates are now halved!!

    I wonder why i remember the ad so well.

  9. They are awesome NORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. So let me get this straight you want an Imate jam with a capped plan.

    Leave it with me, my wife works at Crazy Johns, see what I can get on mate's rates :wink:
  11. Hey their ads have got their knockers, but I like them! :shock:

  12. No, I want the JAMin the one with the WiFi on a plan that isnt much more than $70 a month
  13. No worries, get back to you this arvo!

  14. Matti-san do you work at Crazy Johns?? :grin:
  15. oops, dun worry about me just read your previous posts

    what store does your wife work at?

    i work with CJ's

  16. Well at least you all get a choice !

    I got "talked" into a bloody CDMA plan and it sucks so much its not funny :evil:

    and i have another 9 mths of it to go ! ................ NEVER again grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  17. Yah gotta be quick mate!

    Mornington Area 6
  18. with all the gals uh? :)
  19. Vic

    This prob doesnt hel you much but might be an indication of the Dodo service.

    I was trying to get a Pre Paid Mobile Starter Pack for the Mum. All the telco's obviously have them, but i thought i'd give Dodo a go. I had a look on their website at the list of places that stock them.

    Anyway, i went to 3 of the listed stores and none of them had it. So i send an email to Dodo support. I get a reply 2 days later saying "if you look on our website, there is a list of where you can buy them". So i send one back telling them the situation.

    After not getting a reply i rang them and they apologised and sold me one over the phone. They were to post it out to me straight away....

    That was 3 weeks ago !!!

    nurmerous calls have not resulted in anything arriving. I called them again yesterday, told them they are a bunch of twats and that i wanted my money back. They weren't very helpful, but they told me a supervisor would call me today.

    I wouldnt sign up with Dodo, and thats that. As far as i'm concerned i haven been more than forgiving and enough is enough.

    You only have 3 options when it comes to phone accounts in OZ and they are teh big 3 - Telstra, Optus and Voda.
  20. Thanks duffman.

    I must say, when I was in the market for an MP3 player I went into Dodo and asked the droid for one. Told me they didnt have any of the 30GB iPods only the 60 and he walked off.

    I was prepared to buy the 60GB too ;) stupid twit missed that sale.

    I went to Harris Scarfe and ended up with a Sony number that rox my jox.

    I might have to bite the bullet and go with Vodafone for $90 a month :(

    Unless you kind folk wanna all chip in and buy me a Jamin :grin: