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Dodgy trailer dudes

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Z900, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Well 10 weeks ago i ordered a trailer which was supposed to be ready in 4-6 weeks.Well 10 weeks later its ready
    alls good until after 4 days rust starts to appear Now this trailer was $950.00 so i am a bit pissed off .
    So i ring them and alls good i take it back and they say we will respray it,so im happy about that.While i was there i asked to have some checkerplate fitted to lefthand side.The guys says no probs,i ask how much ,he replies probably no charge if any charge it will be bugger all.So i leave thinking thats really good service.Today i go to pick up the trailer and was then informed that will be $170.00 I tell them thats not what you said and by my way of thinking $170.00 is not bugger all or no charge .Anyway i pay the money and drive off when i notice that the ramp is nearly falling off so i stop and they had only screwed the wing nut down 1/2 a turn,i realise why they had painted the thread and thought screw it lets just leave it like that.Then i notice that holes that had been drilled later by Kon my mechanic to fit the front stand had been covered by the checkerplate so i return and ask them to drill out the holes that they had covered up.I thought no probs and a young guy starts to do it and his boss comes out and asks him what hes doing.He then states to me and the young guy THATS NOT our responsability and walks off
    Thats when i cracked the shits.These trailer guys in thomastown area are nice initially but if you happen to get a bodggy trailer paint job and happen to want it fixed FORGET IT THEY WILL REAM YOU AND GET SHITTY AS IF ITS YOUR FAULT.I wont say who it is except VIC------O --RIA TRAI ----RS.
    SO IF YOU WANT A TRAILER IN VICTORIA Stay away from these money grabbing bad attitude dudes (DUDS

  2. Hmm doesn't surprise me. I called to see if they had any motorcycle trailers available and they said they were getting more in Saturday or Monday and they were $720. Then I called this morning, yes they have some and they were $700 and an hour later my friend called and the price was now $900.
  3. Some people had no fkn idea how to run a business....

    Sucks that you had a bad experience :( Hope the trailer holds up.
  4. moved to Businesses and Service Providers :wink:
  5. Three phone calls in a matter of days asking about motorcycle trailers, there must be a run on them. Quick bump up the price and inflate the margin just like the banks do on interest rates!

    My sad attempt at levity aside, things look grim for this business if they fail to get they're act together as poor service and sloppy workmanship would have to be at the top of the list of things you DON'T want in a trailer manufacturer.

    This could be a watch this space thread...
  6. Thanks for the heads-up Z900, good on you for posting.


  7. Well i dont think i am an unreasonable dude and dont mind paying for a job thats fair and reasonable but when someone is just full of it i just get a bit pissed off and want to make the general motorcycle public aware of potensional isues .
  8. I looked at buying a 7' x 4' trailer with cage, etc from them a year or two ago for towing behind my car. Went there and they were nice as pie to deal with when they were trying to sell you a trailer, but after looking very thoroughly over a few trailers that they had there, and asking some questions regarding a few things I saw on the trailers in their yard they became a lot less nice. Very glad I didn't buy from them.
  9. I bought a trailer for Blackburn trailers (VIC) a good few years ago and apart from the bloke being really really vague about everything, the work is good and it's still working well, no rust (even if FNQ).
  10. Mal, that sucks. Call Consumer affairs. Get a complaint on the register.