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Dodgy road repairs ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I'm Simon, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I have taken advantage of the better weather to start riding to and from work, Hoppers to the City and back each day. Dunno if it is beacause I am riding more often but I am noticing alot of "patch up" road repairs and repairs where they seem to have resurfaced half of a lane leaving an nice groove down the lanes where the new bitumen meets the old bitumen.

    This not always in the centre of the lane but tends to be all over the place meaning that I am constantly watching the road surface as well as the traffic around me and moving around alot in the lane to stay away from these things.

    I have been caught in these gooves a couple of times which really unsettles the bike, I guess having skinny tyres on the 2fiddy doesn't help either. Anyone else notice this, or is it just me. Are road patch ups on the increase due to the better weather ?

    Anyhoo, watch out for these things, they can be a trap !
  2. while I know your in melb, just as a general agreement, there are some shockers around sydney too, there is one huge 3m long gouge taken out of the road about 4inches deep in a lane on the freeway round a corner... talk about unsettling the bike, it nearly threw me under a fckn semi.
  3. The dodgiest road side repairs I have seen are usually conducted by the Chairman wiring a piece of his legendary SR500 back together with cable ties, fencing wire and chewing gum.
  4. I just deal with this by watching both the road and the traffic at the same time. I had this habit since I started out riding 5 months ago (and 8000ks). So I do find it normal. Also on roads which I travel regularly I remember where all the bad spots on the road are.
  5. Welcome to riding... The rds are more noticable when you are on two wheels..
  6. I've noticed roads around Hoppers and the Princess Fwy are shocking. Hence why I haven't ridden that way yet... If it even unsettles my car, bike would be a handful.. :-k
  7. Cleveland street near central, absolutely shocking!
  8. Roads around Canberra are getting very dodgy, holes are appearing all round the place. I know we've been spoilt but it appears those days are over!
  9. Tarneit Rd up near 'the rise' - this is fscking crap, even on a 600 with good tyres. It gives you 40cm to hold you line in, then the white lines are all over the shop forcing you to make a few changes over the rough area.
  10. The amount of times they have changed their minds on what to do on the Monash means that the lanes have shifted a few times over the years. From Berwick to Noble Park there is lots of patch jobs, it even looks like someone dropped a big gob of chewing gum across the 2 lanes before Hallam Belgrave road!
  11. Pffft!! You guys need to come for a ride to Adelaide to see some bad roads!!
    I would estimate 80% of the roads in and around Adelaide itself are either poorly patched or otherwise rooted in some way.
  12. Sayers Rd from before Westbourne heading east can be pretty challenging :shock: . The roadworks around Fitzgerald and Boundary Rds in Laverton are leaving the roads in a worst state than they were to begin with.